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Products Used:
__Face recognition__
Graftobian Pro Paint (white)

__Cry ErTym__
NYX Cosmetics (grey eyeshadow)
Sugar pill (Light blue shadow)
Graftobian Pro Paint (white)

__dERP Face__
Graftobian Pro Paint (white)
Night Owl Eyeliner (
Smash box Eyeshadows (brown shades)
Urban Decay Lip Liner (Stark Naked)

__Heart EYESS__
Tarte Blush (flush)
BH Cosmetics (hot pink eyeshadow, red eyeshadow)
Mehron Paradise Paint (hot pink)

__Reminds me of Chinni__
Smashbox (brown eyeshadow)
NYX Cosmetics (brown eyeliner)
Tarte Blush (flush)
Paper and painted ears

__Rainbow Puke__
Graftobian Pro Paints
Global Body Paint
Lit Cosmetics (Oprah, Kiss, Gal Friday, Peacock, Plush, Foxx)
Tarte Blush (flush)

__Dear God, that is scary__
Graftobian Pro Paint (white/black)
Night Owl Eyeliner (
NYX Cosmetics (grey and black eyeshadow)

___ MUSIC ___

Permission was granted for use in this video.
Music Provided by: Kevin Macleod
Song: Hidden Agenda, Marty Gots a Plan
Find this song on:
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47 replies
  1. slaQ83
    slaQ83 says:

    5:34 That… is just… ADORABLE!!!! Actually no longer than an hour ago I found out there's a mouse living in and under my living room. I now have high hopes that if I feed it a sprinkled cookie it will turn into a (slightly mental) girl! 😛

  2. Lauren.Sinner
    Lauren.Sinner says:

    this is by far the cutest halloween costume idea. you dw best lex 😍 literally you are my motivation for my dream career after highschool.. thanks for being awexome 😄

  3. DominosAndHearts
    DominosAndHearts says:

    love the look of them so far! (just came to your video right this second!) you have inspired me to take my channel to the next level! (i want to branch out to looks that use face paints and looks that are basically like yours) ie more artistic

  4. Madeyewlook
    Madeyewlook says:

    I know a lot of YouTube creators have done the rainbow puke, but also please remember this: Art isn't about being the first to do it. It's always cool to be the first one to do something, and do something original (to the literal term of original), but every artist hopefully starts because it makes them feel happy. Sometimes on YT, you'll see multiple artists doing the same thing: sometimes because it's a coincidence, and sometimes because someone else (or something) inspires them. Sometimes on the Internet, I see people going into war over who did it first. At the end of the day, at least I can speak for myself, it's about what makes you happy 🙂 and although there is a lot of puke rainbows out there NOW, I had so much fun doing these looks, which is why I do YouTube in the first place

  5. bvogt2113
    bvogt2113 says:

    I added you on Snapchat but says pending 🙁 I also watch your videos all the time( and I am subscribed) I did my last Halloween costume off of the Joker tutorial you did. I got so many compliments at the party I went to thanks to you 🙂

  6. Theviciousblogs
    Theviciousblogs says:

    Unfortunately they keep removing the rainbow like one and the demon scream one has been gone a while and replaced with some other ones. Replacing the good fun ones with others is aggravating me.

  7. CrayCollab
    CrayCollab says:

    I love the new video, you're such a huge inspiration to me, you've inspired me to do what I love (which is sfx makeup) even though so many people say I can't, that I should just give up. I hope one day I can be as good as you. 🙂

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