Laser Hair Removal

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Products Used:
Skin Illustrator PPI FX Palette
99% Alcohol
Cosmetic Sponges

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  1. ClearlyJulia17
    ClearlyJulia17 says:

    What do you suggest for a 6th grader for Halloween make up that is simple, not SO time consuming, safe for school but also looks AWESOME!?!?!?! If you could do a video on one that would be great!!!!! Thanks so much!!!

    P.S. could it simple that a teen could do it?😊😊😊
    And if you do make a video on one please don't say my name.! Thanks!!!☺☺☺☺

  2. dyeanotherday
    dyeanotherday says:

    Probably stupid question, but how do you actually add in the alcohol? Are you dipping the sponge into a plate or something and  squeezing it out each time, or what?

  3. Daisy_MG92
    Daisy_MG92 says:

    I HAVE A REQUEST!!….CORY TAYLORS SUBLIMINAL VERSES MASK! It would badass because I am trying to do it for their concert in dallas tx on halloween!!!!!!! 

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