Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

Hi my loves! I’ve been working on my skin for the past year to try and get it looking the best it can. I used to suffer badly from acne, rosacea (still do tbh) and oily skin, however right now is the best my skin has ever looked. This skincare routine (namely Ultrabland) has basically cured my acne. I used to spend hundreds of dollars on the dermatologist, who would always put me on medications, retinols and harsh skin creams – all of which was a waste of money as it just made my skin WORSE! This skincare routine has made me skin SO much smoother, clearer and healthier than it has ever been and I’m so happy! This video is in no way sponsored, these are all the products I use myself. I hope this will help some of you suffering from problematic skin! Love you! x


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– LUSH Ultrabland
– BARE MINERALS Oil Obsessed Cleaning Oil
– LIZ EARL Muslin Cloths
– MEDIK8 B5 Hydrate Serum
– ALPHA H Liquid Gold
– LUSH Full of Grace Serum
– DERMALOGICA Age Reversal Eye Complex


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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. Ceci👽
    Ceci👽 says:

    Currently trying ultrabland. I get eczema and acne breakouts on my face and the Lush employee I spoke to highly reccomended it. I started using it on saturday and my skin kind of freaked out at first. I had 3 cystic pimples form but they were in areas I usually get comedones that I can never extract so I'm not too worried. They have since purged. I was wondering if maybe your skin reacted or purged when switching to this?
    My face isn't as dehydrated since using this. I'm trusting the process and hoping that it will get better.

  2. Tara B
    Tara B says:

    I’m super happy for you that you are happier with your skin. Genuine question though, have you considered Ultrablend might not be the reason you’re skin is better but that you stopped using your old products? You might have a sensitivity to an ingredient in one or more of your old products. Just food for thought 🙂

  3. IndyJones
    IndyJones says:

    This is so helpful ! I recently brought this and I wasn’t keen as my spots were coming out more but hopefully using it with nothing else helps 😅💕

  4. aubrey Aubrey
    aubrey Aubrey says:

    My step kids have acne that is like bumps I’ve never experienced something like that. It feels like they have rocks under their skin (it’s not that hard) I dk what kind of acne that is, but I refuse to put them on steroids or any medications, so I hope this video helps

  5. Ccute Kitty
    Ccute Kitty says:

    LIFE HACK: Take a clay face mask and apply on your face (i like to use Aveda cause it works the best) and rub it in until you can't see. If it dries out, put some water on it to help make it moister. and keep it on the whole day, it helps with the shine.

    BTW take off after a good 1-2 to keep your skin from over-drying​.

  6. Beth McCormack
    Beth McCormack says:

    I love watching this video, your advise has been so helpful. I suffer so badly with achne and rosacea too 😣 ever since watching this video my skin has improved dramatically 😊 thank you 😘💜

  7. Nadia Budiasa
    Nadia Budiasa says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I been using ultrablend for a month almost 2 and my skin looks horrible, it’s truth after 3weeks I decided to use a scrub and moinsturizer. I only use make up 1 a week and wash it as soon as I finish filming my videos. When you say you use Ultrablend only, was it 100% only that?? Or some other stuff to remove make up and moisturizer?? Xx

  8. Marci Duke
    Marci Duke says:

    Your skin looks so smooth and bright! It's been six months since you filled this… Is it still working? I use a routine that works amazingly and then within three months it just seems to stop working. Idk if it's a change in the formula or whatever but it's Soo annoying.

  9. SandraSassy Price
    SandraSassy Price says:

    I have to say which obviously I'm back looking at some old vdeos that I've already seen but like to refresh up on the oldies(although this one isn't very old I've been watching oldies lol) I have to say all these years you say how bad your skin is and I believe you but I have to say honestly yourskin always looks so amazing!!! Love you Stephanie Lange Hun so inspirational!!!

  10. Bouchra Sabry
    Bouchra Sabry says:

    My face now is going threw a break down , from my chin not anywhere but my chin , and it’s really sad 😞 but really happy that your skin is doing really well now 😍 it’s looks really nice .

  11. 007SpecialKay
    007SpecialKay says:

    Hey Stephanie, got all the products and loving the feel of skin already, however what do u use to wash ur face in the morning?
    I’m using the Ultrabland but feel it’s the wrong texture for mornings. Xxx

  12. Julie Kristine
    Julie Kristine says:

    Off to Lush!! I have texture all over my face and huge pores in my t-zone, and I get spots randomly, and redness/bloated skin on my face, plus I have pigmentation clusters which vary in color and make it look like my skin is even worse than it actually is. I've been using a face cleanser that says it's for daily use but lately I've been wondering if it's maybe doing more harm than good because I feel like my skin felt smoother back when I only washed it with water! :O I'm going to town tomorrow anyway and now I definitely want to stop by Lush and see if they have the Ultrabland! Perfect time to test it too – there's two months until summer so if I use it consistently until my last exam is finished I should see by then if it's making a difference!

  13. Lorelle Ellis
    Lorelle Ellis says:

    I watched this video at the right time! My skin is similar to yours! I’ve been using harsh expensive products for years and I’m struggling to see any improvement! Thank you for this video I’m going purchase most of the products you’ve mentioned! Hopefully the gentler approach will sort out my skin 😩

  14. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    Omg! I use all the same lush products! I love lush!!! I use the karma kream on my face. It’s amazing. I get these little bumps under my eyes that sort of resembles chicken skin… I’ve been looking for something to help with that… if you have any suggestions 😀🙏🏻

  15. raina29
    raina29 says:

    Hey Stephanie! 💜
    I'm a fellow rosacea sufferer, also an Esthetician… And, the one thing that I've noticed that helps tons with rosacea, in terms of the texture, are high grade probiotics. I started on a routine with probiotic I get from Garden of Life… And my skin has been improving more and more! Anyway, much love from California! Oh, and I'm in no way affiliated with their company. Just thought I'd mention it. 😊

  16. A. Mercado
    A. Mercado says:

    I BOUGHT ONE EARLIER TODAY BECAUSE I WATCHED THIS VIDEO OF YOURS LAST NIGHT. IM GONNA TRY IT OUT TONIGHT. I’m hopeful. ❤️ I trust you because being a long time subscriber, I know what your skin looked like before. And I can see the difference. Thanks Steph! Much love! ❤️

  17. Ana Marija Kojič
    Ana Marija Kojič says:

    Went straight to lush to try ultrabland after I've seen this video and it changed my life! I have the same skin type as you (although I've been told my skin is super dry, in reality it was just dehydrated) and this has helped me a lot. I was super nervous because of the texture of ultrabland but oh my, it does wonders!

  18. Sabrina Vanessa
    Sabrina Vanessa says:

    I had acne in my teenager times, too. Now I'm 21 and my skin is better, but I still have pimples, blackheads, redness (because of the pimples I used to have)… I will give ultrablend a try, because of you. Your skin now is definitely my skin goal for the future. If this really helps, I would be so fucking thankful. So thank you for the tip. Hopefully it will work. ❤️❤️❤️

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