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Hi loves! Thank you all so much for watching all my laser videos and I hope I was able to help you all make a decision to whether this is something you would want to do or not.

This will be my last laser video for now. I will probably do an update after I’m complete with all the sessions. If you have any questions, of course, leave them below. I always answer.

XOXO – Taasha Renee

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15 replies
  1. Ree Marie
    Ree Marie says:

    How have the sessions been going ? Are you finished by now? I went to my 3rd session last week & I can say I've seen probably close to 50% less hair growth

  2. aylin akdağ
    aylin akdağ says:

    I want to do it but I'm so scared one year ago I went to the clinic to get the hair of my armpits removed it worked really well but I'm scared to do it on my bikini area I heard so much bad things about doing it like that I could not have kids and that it would grow thicker and bla bla bla.
    Are you completely good with everything and how do you feel now?
    by the way sorry for my English I'm German
    love you so much 😘

  3. Q
    Q says:

    Shes naturally beautiful and she drives my 1 of my favorite cars call me anytime p.s that Caribbean swag sexy as fuck

  4. Mischion murphy
    Mischion murphy says:

    I started my first treatment in April, after i saw your instagram post. it was awesome. I didn't have the numbing cream then…but I got through it. am already looking forward to my next session. my hair growth has been remarkably less.

  5. Kailen Bonnett
    Kailen Bonnett says:

    I booked a few sessions and am scared I will get burned. Do you have any recommendations or things I should ask my esthetician before I start? I am mixed so I've got tan skin but it's pretty light due to winter just ending, so Im not sure what labor I should be getting.

  6. Kimberly Campos
    Kimberly Campos says:

    Do you think you can do a video once you have completed the whole treatment of hair laser removal? Also, how many sessions does it take to removal all of the hair completely?

  7. yoyo yo
    yoyo yo says:

    This video is soooo useful! Can you please share what type of numbing cream you use? I'm getting my face done and it hurts so I'm scared of doing other areas.

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