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I really like this device. My pits have never looked better. 😀 Hoping for continued hair-free results. (Forgot to mention, this model of the Tria is not recommended for use on the face, but more recent models have been FDA approved for use on the face.)

Today I’m wearing dior skin nude foundation, sue devitt pressed mineral powder to set, shu uemura seal hard formula pencil on brows, armani eyes to kill in champagne, sue devitt silver pencil on waterlines and inner corners, tarte lights camera lashes mascara, nars laguna bronzer, josie maran lip gloss in pink peony, nails are zoya raven with opi silver shatter on top, and bracelet is chan luu.

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Laser Hair Removal

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  1. Ashlynn Bashline
    Ashlynn Bashline says:

    I've been getting my armpits waxed professionally for years, it's not that bad, I don't have to shave for 3 weeks!! My underarms are baby soft!! I have a skin condition where everytime I shave I break out and with waxing I don't have that problem!! Bleeding is normal!! Not a lot but a little because you are ripping the skin off. Lol but it's totally normal!

  2. Rhonna Marsden
    Rhonna Marsden says:

    thank you so much for your review! i just started researching these devices and was really torn because the reviews really havent been supporting the price. also there are so many devices out now for the face, Braun, remmington etc. i am glad to hear you have had good results on your underarm area. i need help with my chin area BAD!

  3. Doris Dahlheimer
    Doris Dahlheimer says:

    I have had professional laser hair removal on a few areas and was wondering I would like to just do my upper lip and chin and this might be a most post effective option since my investment was 1300 for my permanent hair removal for the areas I have done. But I would like permanent hair removal and not just reduction so was wondering if your still happy with this

  4. Joy Miller
    Joy Miller says:

    I'm half latina. it is a reducer more than anything. I just touch up every 6 weeks at level 5. before I was plucking every day. take your pick? worth the money even though it will only last up to 500 charges.

  5. Jane Scott
    Jane Scott says:

    Wow you answered every single question I had about this device and more. I just bought one and couldn't find all the info I needed. Thank you so much and good to know I am the perfect candidate for this product. Awesome video!

  6. A Chandra
    A Chandra says:

    For me it worked well …. but the activator machine ran out of battery  in 2 years and the replacement is not available…… the whole 600$ in drain ….:-) so think before buyong something that will last only 2 years…..

  7. Jasmin Vidal
    Jasmin Vidal says:

    I was wondering between this hair removal tool and the no no!! Which one gave you the better results? Which would you recommend if you can only recommend one? Also do you have to shave while using this device like in the video of you talking about the no no you said that you had to shave occasionally does that also apply to this device? I apologize for all my questions but I really enjoy your honesty and would really appreciate your input.

  8. Jessica Hudson
    Jessica Hudson says:

    Curious… when it "targets" the hair follicle does it only target one at a time or can it deliver multiple "zaps" at once. I'm using it on my toes (I have extremely dark hair there) and it's such small area. Basically, I don't want to over do it. Is that even possible? Thanks!

  9. Delores Surette
    Delores Surette says:

    i have a question about it. mabey you could answer it for me…i know you said the longer the hair . the more pain.. but do you think that longer hair,, greater resaults ?? . thank you 🙂 !

  10. Chantelle Dixon
    Chantelle Dixon says:

    I've been using this device for almost 2 months now, I use it once a week on level 5, I used to have to shave everyday to keep my legs smooth but I'm noticing bald patches on my legs where it's not prickly, like, I haven't shaved in 3 days and sections of my legs are completely smooth, I love it😍

  11. Alexander K
    Alexander K says:

    I think you might be using it wrong. The doctor and nurses recommend/insist that I don't shave prior to my laser hair removal sessions. This device seems to be IPL based so I think you should let the hair grow out a little so it will absorb more heat aka more painful and will be more effective. Thanks for the review and I am definitely gonna get it for those areas I am a little more embarrassed to let the doctor treat! 

  12. Michael Bublé
    Michael Bublé says:

    I'm curious here, I wonder if you put it on the highest setting if you could use this to remove tattoo's ?. Laser tattoo removal takes several applications to remove a tattoo, I am thinking outside the box here but I'm thinking that since the laser is not as strong as the ones they use in the doctors office that it would just take longer. Dunno just thinking outside the box here.

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