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Thanks so much for clicking on the video! I hope you gain some knowledge from this and decide for yourself if Laser Hair Removal is the right treatment for you.


This video is NOT sponsored. The procedure was done per my request by Charis who is a board certified Medical Professional. She can be reached at with any questions.


Laser Hair Removal

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  1. Ronnie Tin
    Ronnie Tin says:

    OMG you've been like prophetic: the lady at the beginning of the video is the actress "Virna Lisi" and she died after few days you uploaded it!! It's like "the ring" lol. But seriously, she can be remembered also with your video <3

  2. inesperfectdrug
    inesperfectdrug says:

    I feel you on the facial hair… I have one that randomly pops up. Since im a blind bat I mostly dont see it….. Until someone tries to swat it off my face thinking it is an eyelash or something. Ooooh yes, the joy of seeing their face after realizing I just have a random facehair! Lol. I'm doing laser on most of my body but it's a different kind. I asked them how much to take off the one hair, she said I had to pay for a whole session (35euros), which I thought was nuts… Ah well! I guess I'll keep it. Maybe I can name it. Hmmmm

  3. Cosas que pasan
    Cosas que pasan says:

    Hi Sarah! What kind of láser is it? Im going to have my erase with láser done by Diodo láser but this one was applied in a different way. Which im going is painful in the body, im scare about aplied it on my chin. Please, excuse my english.

  4. Alicat Style
    Alicat Style says:

    HAHAHAAA! OMG! I call them that too. I have two really course ones around my chin,  YUK!  Billy-goat-ish. And I hardly have any hair on my arms and sparse eyebrows, go figure! 

  5. Jess Ryan
    Jess Ryan says:

    I'm in college for Medical Skin Care Therapies IPL is my life saver! I love it. Totally worth the money. Be sure to go to someone who knows what they're doing as stated in the video!

  6. Beryl1269
    Beryl1269 says:

    I had laser treatment done on my chin maybe 15 years ago at a doctor's office. This looks so much easier and simpler than what I had to do back then. I remember I had to apply a numbing cream about an hour before and for a few days after I had to apply aquaphor. The hair eventually came back with a vengance. I was avoiding going through the process again because I thought it would be like the last time but this video makes me feel a lot better about it.

  7. HeavenlyMakeUp
    HeavenlyMakeUp says:

    very cool, unfortunately my Scandinavian roots gave me white blonde body hair, which you think would be cool except they're still wirey and you just can't see them!! Keep us updated Sarah!

  8. Alison Wilson
    Alison Wilson says:

    I too have PCOS and am most self conscious about my hair(mutton chops and all lol). I have thought for a while laser hair is something I really want to do when I have the extra money. Glad to get to see some information about it! Thank you:)

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