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Hi Everyone, make sure you’ve got a cuppa and a snack for this one…it’s a bit long. It was actually a lot longer and I considered splitting it into 2 videos, but eventually I decided against that as I thought you’d prefer not to wait for the 2nd instalment.
A lot of info had to be cut out of this video to make it shorted so please make sure you’ve watched the first video in the skincare series so you have all the facts before you watch this one.
Also…as well as all the products in this video, don’t forget that I also have botox every 3-4 months which really helps my skin stay smooth and wrinkle free.


BARE MINERALS Oil Obsessed Cleansing Oil – £22/$30
THE ORDINARY Salicylic Acid (if required) – £4.25/$5.50
THE ORDINARY Matrixyl 10% + HA (2 drops) – £9/$11.50
THE ORDINARY Buffet (2 drops) – £12.50/$15
THE ORDINARY Niacinamide 10% + HA (2 drops) – £5/$6
CERAVE Moisturising Lotion (Half a Pump) – £6.75/$9.27
NO 7 Protect & Perfect Eye Cream – £18/$24
NO 7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care – £10/$12
LA ROCHE POSSAY Anthelios 50+ Ultra Light Fluid – £16.50/$20.53

BARE MINERALS Oil Obsesses Cleansing Oil – £22/$30
THE ORDINARY Lactic Acid 5% + HA – £5.50/$7
SUNDAY RILEY Vitamin C Serum (one pump) – £70/$85
LA ROCHE POSSAY Redermic R 0.3% Retinol – £26/$59
ESTEE LAUDER Revitalizing Supreme Plus Eye Cream – £49/$65

BIO EFFECTS EGF Serum (every 4-6 wks after derma rolling) – £125/$160
THE ORDINARY AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution (every 2 weeks) – £6.25/$7.50
SAND & SKY Austrailian Pink Clay Pore Refining Clay Mask (every 7-10 days) – £39.90/$49


Save 20% on your entire cart, including All Natural & Organic Self Tanning Lotion that's actually good for your skin! Simply use coupon code: VIXEN20 at checkout! Limited time only at: VOGENIX.COM

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  1. Chloe Seabourne
    Chloe Seabourne says:

    Once the spf has sunk into the sink would the next product you use be a face primer if you were makeup? I find it so hard to find an spf for my face as im 40 with mature skin but get breakouts and congestion around chin and mouth. Would the la roche be suitable?

  2. Donna K.
    Donna K. says:

    Noticed some of us are taking notes. I tried that too but she really packs in the information. I gave up, clicked Save and it’s kept in my video library . I just replay, and can zip to the part I need.

  3. Adelina Tabirca
    Adelina Tabirca says:

    Trulli thank you for all the tips that you give. I am trying to follow up all your recommendations and I’d say it really works for me but some of the things are a bit too expensive so I think I found a dupe for some of the serums
    Please tell me what you think about this. Thank you gorgeous ❤️

  4. Sandy Myer
    Sandy Myer says:

    Not sure if you’ll see this comment, but just found your wonderful videos. I want to purchase the Bio effect and wondering if I would use it am or pm and where in my skincare routine? Thank you!!

  5. Stacie Phillips
    Stacie Phillips says:

    Hi Gemma! Like your mum, I've purchased the Cerave Hydrating Face Cleanser to put that bottle in the shower when I start that routine. I still use the BM Cleansing Oil however, I have that one on my sink for use when not in the shower. I really like the Cerave Hydrating. I also purchased the No7 Eye Wrinkle/Fine Line Serum at my local Walgreens. I had run out of my former brand of Meaningful Beauty eye wrinkle cream for my fine lines so I remembered you said you liked those products too. I used them today in the morning & felt fine going on, so we'll see if I get nice results from it. Love the tip of using the Cerave Lotion on my lips! My lippie wrinkles on my actual lips are completely gone. Yay! I never had any lines around my lips thankfully. But the rest of my daytime & nighttime routines are the same with the exception of not using The Ordinary Plant Derived Squalane. I stopped using that one as I felt it never sank in my skin at night & my pillow received all of the benefits of that. Yuck! 🤗✌❤🤪😜xxx

  6. Ingrid Miller
    Ingrid Miller says:

    Gives me good ideas on what I'd like to buy and use. But, OMG! Sooooo much stuff for just one face! Regular people cannot use all this stuff… I will, however be looking into the Ordinary skin products.😉👍

  7. Jane McConnell
    Jane McConnell says:

    HI Gemma. I really enjoy your videos and your honesty. What retinol product or isotretinoin are you currently using today? You mentioned the isotretinoin recently. Is the La Roche listed above the same, less or more than the one your mum is using from beautybio? Thanks much.

  8. line azul
    line azul says:

    What do you think about Retinal ? And its concentration (%) in Phisiolift Nuit ? Or Phsiolift precision ? Ystheal? (Avene)Have you tested ? Thank you ! You are lovely ! Kisses

  9. kissofshadows21
    kissofshadows21 says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I followed your video’s suggested routine (with a few exceptions because I have oily skin 😋) and it has made a big difference to my complexion! Thank you! ❤️

  10. Phaedra
    Phaedra says:

    I have been researching for so long to find out what you can use with eachother and what not its sooo difficult honestly. Glad you’re having no problems mixing them!

  11. Mille Wilken
    Mille Wilken says:

    I have always put on face oil right after cleansing my face, so this was news to me. I do love my face oil though, so would you recommend using it before or after putting on sunscreen if I want to use it in my morning routine ?
    Lovely channel you have by the way

  12. Amy Sandifer
    Amy Sandifer says:

    Love your channel! Hope you can help. I purchased most of the ordinary products you suggested and am loving them. I have been using them for only a couple of weeks but have noticed an increase in blackheads. Any thoughts on the cause? Could it be the vitamin c?

  13. Jo Fearn
    Jo Fearn says:

    Because of you and this video I have purchased and re purchased the very affordable The Ordinary facial skincare products. The most recent, today. Within my order I added the foundation serum. First.y can you explain what the serum is and why it’s different to the coverage foundation and secondly have you tried it, if so what do you think? 👍👍

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