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39 replies
  1. Tarena
    Tarena says:

    I love the old views of Beauty and make up back in the old days, they were focused to ascend/epmasize your natural look, rather than today. It’s the same as when you try to become a better version of yourself, you are not trying to be somebody else, you are trying to be a better version of yourself! (and you are capable of it)
    Good Luck Ladies and Gents! 😁

  2. NO ONE
    NO ONE says:

    I loved everything amd the make up suits you. I would say your lipsticks is a bit too strong comparing to the overall natural make up. Other then that i love it

  3. GinnyE25Mikah96
    GinnyE25Mikah96 says:

    I was surprised that women filled in their eyebrows in the 1950's. I didn't know that until I just watched this video. I thought it started sometime in the 2000's or sometime after 2009/ 2010.

  4. Sharon Kour
    Sharon Kour says:

    Omg u look so pretty wow the look came out unique. I luv the cotton vintage candle jar tip thank you i will do this. Green for hazel eyes were the colour for brown eyes. The mascara cake is somethinh indians use as myself in our culture im surprised u showed this. Aww u shud do more videos i livdcur video of the castle too i liv to visit the castle the food intrested me as it was fresh thank u lovely ur perfect

  5. RichelleG.
    RichelleG. says:

    It was my first time hearing about the eyeshadow colour. That each pair of eye color has designated eyeshadow color. Since there is no BB cream at that time this is the best method for caking your face.

  6. Sofia P
    Sofia P says:

    Lol what it is exactly that make all of you so butthurt about not putting a lot of makeup on?… That's true, a lot of makeup is disgusting, have you seen how gorgeous all the girls were in the 50's? And you're just faking your looks with a mask looking makeup…
    Are you offended by being natural? A beautiful person won't get offended by this 😂 If you get offended by this it really means you're insecure and probably put 5 tons of foundation on but sometimes (Always) a lot of foundation does make you look awful and of you ever smile it also gives you a wrinkled look around you lips, have fun looking like a 50 yo prostitute with wrinkles and overly drawn lips and butterfly sized fake lashes, maybe they'll accept you to a drag show.

    Gave you another comment to be butthurt about, but I won't take you seriously if you hate on me cuz you're probably one of the insecure ones 😂

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