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Hey galaxy gang! Today I’ve got another easy watercolor nail art design that you can create at home using mostly household tools! I also used some super easy water decals that basically melt into your nails and looks like you drew them freehand, so cool 🙂

Here are the products I used:
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Blue polish*:
Pink polish*:
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Silicon mat*:

Water decals:

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How to keep your manicure from chipping/peeling off:
How to clean up your manicure:
How to file your nails square:
How to make your nails grow stronger:
How to make your nail polish dry faster:
How to make your own dotting tools:
How to fix a broken nail:
How to fix an old bottle of nail polish:
ULTIMATE ombre nail art guide:
How to fix smudged polish:
How to clean your nail art brushes:
How to paint with your non-dominant hand:

Organizing 1000 nail polishes in rainbow order:
Mixing my nail polishes together?!:
Holo galaxy nail art!
I try a Simply Nailogical nail art tutorial:
Black to holo gradient nail art:
Blue halo eye makeup tutorial:
EASY marble nail art:
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

50 replies
  1. Katy H
    Katy H says:

    I didn't notice the background being different but that may be because I'm currently watching these in reverse order. 🤔 It looks nice though!

  2. Celeste Oliveros
    Celeste Oliveros says:

    I know you use HP Beauty Bar for a lot of your nail polish purchases and I was wondering if you ever have encountered the same issue as me? Every time I try going on their website whether it’s on my phone or laptop, the website lags a lot and freezes and starts scrolling up and down on its own and sometimes even crashes. I thought it was just like a one time thing.. but no. Every single time I’ve tried to use it the same thing happens.

  3. Monique Cassavoy
    Monique Cassavoy says:

    Will u do a “nail polish 101” video on how to use pastel/sheer nail polish without getting streaks/brush strokes? I’ve been trying to paint my nails with Essie’s Ballet Slippers and cannot get it to look right… thanks girl! P.S. I love ur videos! Ur super talented! 😍

  4. sidhwen m
    sidhwen m says:

    Btw!! Lately I'm noticing that when I come back to a video, the like that I've definitely given before is gone! ☹ is that something that others have experienced too? (Idk how it looks from the creators' side, but perhaps they notice their likes decreasing as well?)
    Or is this just my account's issue??😟

  5. Sapphire
    Sapphire says:

    Yet another technique that you make look so easy, that I have yet to make work. Gonna try again this week though. ^_^ Interesting that the decal melted, I have never had that happen before. Trying to think, I do usually use tweezers, but I thought I've used my fingers too. Maybe not. Anyhoo, thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Janet Simmons
    Janet Simmons says:

    Love the colors and the mani!!!! The background makes your nails pop!!!! And I definitely love the Bob Ross reference. Even though the decal got messed up it still looks amazing!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. sidhwen m
    sidhwen m says:

    So pretty! (But where's the poll?? 😁 )
    I've never tried this kind of smoosh design, it's what I wanna do next! (I was thinking to do ombré but that takes so long ^^ )

  8. Luanne Santos
    Luanne Santos says:

    I love this!!!! I bet even I can do this 😂 I've been practicing, I'm getting better but still a little struggle doing my right hand. This is a much easier way to do it instead of trying to draw things on.
    Thank you XOXO. Love you Kelli

  9. hypermice
    hypermice says:

    Love the black background! I tried the Scotch tape as a barrier on my daughter Kylie last night when we were doing some stamping, worked great! I am allergic to latex and I'm so glad tape works because I always have tape =P

    I dyed Kylie's hair (from ears down) a blend of bright green and rainforest green, and my bangs (the only part of my hair longer than maybe 1 inch) to match on Saturday. I love doing 2 colors like that- it takes a long time but it has awesome depth! (And yes my hair now looks like a 90s emo kid. Blame my child, she insisted I keep the bangs so I could bleach and dye them to match her, lol.) Her hair is blonde so we usually put fun colors in it, since she loves it and her school doesn't have any rules against it. We did purple and pink in June, with her bangs looking like Twilight sparkle.

    Yesterday I spent almost the whole day doing nails. First my spouses nails with a Metallic neon blue with holographic powder over it and gel top coat. It looks amazing! Took forever because I did one nail at a time since gel and powders are still new to me. Once that was finally done, I painted Kylie's nails with a ILNP holo that matches her hair (Bermuda Breeze) with a different dark blue stamped super cute anime face on each nail. (The plate is the amyytran collab on maniology, it's an amazing plate, especially for kids!) Then finally I did my nails on my right hand with regular base coat, then 2 coats gel with holo flakies, with a final gel top. So much sparkle! My left hand is the one I do cool experimenting more, since it's way easier for me to paint. For now it's naked because I can't decide what I want to do next! Also because I sliced my index finger at the base of my nail with a potato peeler a few days ago, so I am wearing a Band-Aid that covers my nail.

    The reason I did Kylie's hair and nails this weekend is so she looks super cute on her first day back at school today! She went to school Feb-June so it's not totally new to her, but she is super excited to be with all her friends again! She is 4, and her school is an alternative school ages 4-18, no "classes" or anything, just a free range learning positive place.

    A video I would like to see is comparing different brands of neon stamping polishes, or stamping polish vs regular polish. My metallic regular ones tend to stamp well, but my regular neons don't show up on black at all.

  10. Amy Smith
    Amy Smith says:

    This is Amazing, will definitely be buying those decals. I have a question, you do a live stream every month right? Will you announce it on your comunity tab? I missed the last 2 and really want to see this one and be prepared

  11. jacks590 w
    jacks590 w says:

    I didn't even notice the "happy accident"nail until you pointed it out! I love using this water coloresqu design. I always get compliments on it. I tend to use the blue pink and purple scheme and then cover with scattered holo. I'm a sucker for some sparkle

  12. Hina
    Hina says:

    I looove your videos! Nail art or otherwise, I adore your channel! I have a question, though. I seem to have a lot of proximal nail fold growth, and it just seems to keep creeping further up my nails over the years. It's covered the lunula on most of my nails and I know I'm not supposed to cut any of that skin aside from hangnails and whatnot, but I just don't know what to do about the skin and how to push it back! Do you have any suggestions?

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