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hi guys! i just completed my last treatment for laser hair removal on my brazilian area, which was purchased through Groupon and i wanted to come on here to share with you guys my experience, thoughts, and review!

ALSO LOL did you like my drawing? i’m a visual learner so 🌚 i’ve provided some visuals haha, this might’ve been a little tmi, but hey i want to be as thorough and transparent as possible~ ✌🏼

other laser hair removal videos i’ve made:
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topics discussed:
0:56 – cost & researching
5:07 – would i recommend it?
5:35 – common misconceptions
7:21 – my expectations and if they were meant
11:42 – an overview on my experience on laser (discussing pain)
21:57 – my one mistake

Location I went to: Bared Monkey Laser Spa
their website:
their groupon:

Music by ninjoi. – Foolish Heart [Thematic Exclusive] –

comment down below if there is anything you’d like to share with me!
as always i’ll see you guys very soon in the next one! 💓

p.s. – I am not affiliated or being paid for this video. This is purely my own opinion and thoughts.

Laser Hair Removal

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  1. zelen plav
    zelen plav says:

    I had my girlfriend do electrolysis hair removal on me when 17 years. She practiced on me and her boss charged me a fraction of the amount. Armpits, lower legs, and eyebrows. I am now 74 and don't even own a razor. Life long benifit. It usually takes at least 6 times before it is permanently removed.

  2. angieeeee
    angieeeee says:

    Hi Carmen, hello from NY! I just finished my laser hair removal sessions for my full legs and underarms and thinking about a Brazilian. This is really helpful!!!! I think I am going to get the Brazilian after watching your video!

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