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In this video I show you what my first laser hair removal session is like and why I am doing it, along with other daily activities of mine to give you a little insight to my life! Thanks for watching 🙂 Enjoy!

My Instagram! Dominick Nicolai

Laser Hair Removal by Touch of Class Med Spa (Glendale CA)

Hair Cut by Joseph Michael (Beverly Hills, CA)

Laser Hair Removal

37 replies
  1. Cookie 2019
    Cookie 2019 says:

    You obviously live in LA. The only place on the planet where people are so obsessed with their appearance they lose sight of the more important things in life.

  2. William Ahn
    William Ahn says:

    There are many reasons why men want to be hairless. I remember a footballer who announced that he waxed every part of the body because
    1. Hygiene purpose: Because of training, he sweats a lot causing fungus/itchiness.
    2. Medical Purpose: Apparently hair hinders effectiveness of medical ointment.
    I am thinking of it too as well. I don't think it's gay to be hairless.

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    I have a question. Can I have the hair on my legs permanently thinned, but not gone forever.? So instead of the maximum ammount of sessions to permanently remove the hair(for example 10), I go to fewer sessions(for example 7) so that hair remains, but is thinner.

  4. EndlessnaidyolF
    EndlessnaidyolF says:

    Out of curiosity, how much chest hair and whatnot did you have before? I have a feeling it is nowhere near what my gorilla self has. I wish that I only had to shave my neck, pits, and a smidgen of chest hair. I've got thick, dark coarse hair on my chest, stomach, arms, back, legs, etc.etc. pretty much everywhere. It looks like you barely needed treatment, lol

  5. Kj E.
    Kj E. says:

    Yo bro that video was super cool with the laser removal. Of course you always wear the best clothes bro.. those jeans are super sick .. been trying to find those type of jeans . What brand and where did you get those jeans from .

  6. sage4now Ty
    sage4now Ty says:

    Okay Dominick. It's your decision but, I have mixed feelings about men getting body hair permanently removed. Yes, it is convenient because you won't have to shave it, but part of being a man is having body hair (my view). But it is not a reflection on your masculinity, having body hair or not.

  7. G.R. Bryant
    G.R. Bryant says:

    I tried electrolysis – on my chest. It didn't work and was a waste of money – had to shave for contests, and it was all about tanning anyway. I like my body hair during the off season now. But, I'll still never look like you – I'm only a lightweight.

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