Brazilian Laser Hair Removal


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New Image Medical aesthetician performing brazilian laser hair removal on one of her clients. Call (702) 697-7991 to get booked for your FREE consultation today and make that hair go away!

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  1. The Night Flower
    The Night Flower says:

    Thanks for the demo. I was thinking of having a few areas on my face done. Seeing that she didn’t find it too painful I’m emboldened to make an appointment. Mind if I ask what the average cost is per session?

  2. Justin Guyle
    Justin Guyle says:

    I can't wait to move to California I'm going to save enough money I know a lot of This Is Gospel on mine so I'm saving the best for last I'm looking for a surgery that's not a surgery and I'm doing for a special occasion to feel sexy down there until next year I'm going to save my money to go to California for a special occasion that's one way to do it for yourself ladies or did it for you or guys cuz it's not about ladies it doesn't seem like she's a long painful like most other things but I look for a woman things to do on here on YouTube there's some things are kind of supposed on there that's good for cific Lee how things need to be done to clean your private area down there cuz hair could be affected down there if you know I'm saying not decent some hair is not bad but too much is just not decent it's gross I'm sorry but I would never post that on YouTube about that but I will quote on exit 10 X's long comfortable but I would comment on my new Facebook status cuz I'm deleting my once I live in Ottawa Kansas before moving to California or La there's a lot things to do down there there is nothing here and Ottawa it's great but boring💋💨👙👙🏖️🍍

  3. Justin Guyle
    Justin Guyle says:

    I'm does this mean Michele I'm thinking about giving cool scoping myself it's not a surgery it's laser just like that stuff when she's fur on her cell so I gave those two things to figure out and saving up my money and I'm still going to work out and get in shape because cool scoping is there two tone it down before I get there I'm going to be so town and slender and feeling good about myself in my new bikini body cuz I'm working hard for this and I don't think anything is wrong about it people want to try this out I don't see why not since it's good to watch it on you too and it doesn't seem so harmful so go for it don't overthink into that don't be afraid of everything everything is perfect just try it out if you want to

  4. Justin Guyle
    Justin Guyle says:

    it's a laser but it's not a surgery it's about moving the hair from the scan and stuff like that I get it it's beats a surgery so it seems very simple to try it out it's me some certain things makes me want to try it out myself down there I hope it doesn't cost that much but it's worth it. Feel-good and clean down there but I don't know how much is this going to last at this surgery but since it's not a surgery it's removal of your hair doesn't seem that bad

  5. Justin Guyle
    Justin Guyle says:

    if you guys might be interested or not I think that might be very something for try it out I might but I'm watching us to see how it goes first it might be that easy for me I had a surgery once a day turn out right for me with my other body part and I feel good about it you shouldn't be afraid of everything cuz that's going to hold you back that's good to watch to see how it's going on and just do it for you you know that's my opinion why are you people care so much what other people want to do for their selves it's good to combine about it cuz everybody has an opinion but still species brave enough to try it out so if it's not buying her by the videos so it might work out for you if you give it a try so I don't want to be afraid anymore so I'm will try to help myself and I think they know what they're doing

  6. ab lee
    ab lee says:

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