Laser Hair Removal

I hope you guys enjoy this vibrant orange shadow makeup tutorial.

Products used :
Mila simone Vitamin C face syrum
Hard Candy concealer as for eyeshadow base
Bh Cosmetics Take me back to brazil eyeshadow palette
Rimmel london Exaggerate eyeliner

Nars Natural radiant all day foundation – Macao
Too face born this way concealer – butterscotch
Sephora make no mistake foundation stick – Teak
Beauty bakerie setting powder
Mac mineralize skin finish powder – dark
Tarte rainforest of the sea palette- used a highlighter
Pretty Dolce glitter palette
Mac lipliner- cork

Nyx lipstick – silk soie
Ofra liquid lipstick verona

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  2. Nicki love
    Nicki love says:

    This is a very beautiful but I feel like the top veneers take away from your look. They make your mouth look too wide and they're to square and horse like. But the makeup was the bomb!

  3. Dee Luther
    Dee Luther says:

    😙Great Nice Video As always💕
    😚😚That thumbnail tho😍😍
    Your Drop DeaD Breathtaking
    Makeup always Stay on PoinT😻
    Hope u EnJoyinG Ur Fabulous Week

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