My Laser Hair Removal Experience | Legs & Brazilian


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Watch me as I get laser hair removal on my legs and my coochie, va-ju-ju. va-jay-jay, sha-loo-loo 💐- however you want to call it!

I’ve been getting laser hair removal on my legs and Brazilian area for quite some time now (12 treatments in total) and thought I’d make a vlog 📹 to share my laser hair removal experience with you 😊! In this video, I share some of my top tips 💡 to help make your laser hair removal experience a smooth and easy one. I’ve been going to Infinity Laser Spa for years because of their amazing treatments and I’m so ✨ excited ✨ to finally take you along with me! I prefer getting laser treatments over shaving and waxing because it is a pain free (almost) way to permanently get rid of hair in undesirable places ❌! Waxing is just painful 😧 and shaving requires a ton of maintenance (who has time for that!?) 😤.

If you’ve ever thought about getting laser hair removal or wanted to learn more about it, be sure to watch the full video for some behind-the-scenes footage and helpful tips!


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⏏ Video edited by Jessica Chan & Kasey Ma


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  1. YL Gmail Account
    YL Gmail Account says:

    Im sorry … this laser technician is the worst … your not supposed to rotate the laser that way… this is a technic to keep the client coming back. I do laser for other ppl and will never treat a client this way. Awful. Do your research people.

  2. Paulie Harrow
    Paulie Harrow says:

    It's ironic how an Adian girl is doing this when Most Asians Dont have much hair on their bodies.
    I know, my Ex Chinese Never had under arm, though or facial hair. The bottom was Very little….
    That is one of the Many reasons
    I ONLY date Asians.!!!😋😋😋

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