My Laser Hair Removal Experience (Brazilian, Armpits, Legs) | LaserAway


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Hey guys so today I’m sharing my experience with getting laser hair removal for the first time at LaserAway. I got my Brazilian, legs, underarms/armpits and happy trail/stomach done. I talk about the cost, pain, how long it takes, preparation and more. If you like informational videos make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe:)

Cost: Prices vary based on promotions and the area treated, but consultations are free!

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22 replies
  1. Ana K
    Ana K says:

    Omg I started my treatments and there were areas on my underarms that felt like I was being touched by a hot curling iron. After my first appointment, I honestly considered quitting. She said they turn up the intensity so next time it’ll hurt even more. Like idk how I’m gonna do this 7-10 more times!!! My next appointment is in a few days 😫 I’ve gotten tattoos, no sweat. But this there are areas that are insanely painful

  2. u2teech
    u2teech says:

    You have that perfect cartoon like expression, hair do with the sunglasses and all, like a comic book cover or drawing. So funny, cute, and adorable.

  3. King Lear
    King Lear says:

    My wife who is black shaves everything including her head ( she is from Uganda where female head shaving is very common) has a lot of irritation with ingrown hairs especially around her pubic mound. Has laser removal eliminated all trace of that kind of annoyance? It is a wonderful thing that you have done as black women look sensational with bald bodies. You seem like a delightful person by the way.

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