Dr. Oz Investigates if Laser Hair Removal is Safe


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Dr. Oz tackles an issue no woman wants to admit she has: unwanted hair! If you’re tired of shaving, waxing and plucking, you might be tempted to try laser removal. But is it safe? Dr. Oz investigates!

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36 replies
  1. Freeyful
    Freeyful says:

    The video is a little too biased towards women, men have this issue too. If anything we have it worse since our hair is often thicker and more coarse.

  2. fauziya zubairu
    fauziya zubairu says:

    for me..anything lazer on the Skin is a NO NO for me…..the hair follicles on our skin is there for a reason…Doc. Oz or these people never say the side effects…20yrs from now..we will here a new study saying lazer hair removal gives cancer….we have to leave the skin natural and these strange diseases will stop coming.

  3. u2teech
    u2teech says:

    I bought "Absolute" by Epilady. It uses advanced infrared laser to get rid off hair. The light it flashes is red instead of white like demos I've seen. Will that work?

  4. lolo2 lolo4
    lolo2 lolo4 says:

    laser aka IPL does not kill the hair stem cells that is around the hair follicle in the hair root so dont try to bluff people with this crap !!!

    laser reduce the hair in some cases and the hair will grow back after some years it can be 1-8 years or more but for me the hair grow back after 8 years and all the sessions i paid for maybe 3-4 times per area in total 5k usd went down to the toilet… if i could go back in time and know the correct info that i know now.. well i would have just bought an electrolysis machine for maybe 1k usd or less and treat my self at home and ask someone to help me with the back of my body. sure it will take a lot of time but at least u will never get the hair back or burn ur self like with lazer so its so much worth the time and effort.

    now i know this info but i still dont have anyone that is willing to spend time helping me even if it mean 1 hour a week.. that is how pathetic people are these days.. no girlfriend no family members and cousin are all bussy with their lives so i have no choice but to go to a stupid electrolysis and pay 100 usd for their session and already have paid 1k usd for some small areas on the shoulder..
    i mean its hell but what can i do no one is willing to help me do it for free when i buy the machine at home 🙁

  5. va2x
    va2x says:

    Is it me or he didn’t say if it was safe? Yeah, he was shocked how easy and fast it was, but I didn’t hear him comment if it was safe.

  6. Ryan ???
    Ryan ??? says:

    Men's hair is usually thicker in the follicles are deeper under the skin these products are in towards women but as a man wants this time will I even work or will it just be like waxing will it come back over time or do I have to go for more treatments costing me more money

  7. Leora Cho
    Leora Cho says:

    I have pcos so not only did laser hurt SOOO much but also the laser made my hair coarser and grow back worst because the laser rays caused a bigger hormonal imbalance

  8. RIP Spidey
    RIP Spidey says:

    But what about the longterm effects such as the likelihood of developing cancers such as melanoma? And what about potential nerve damage (since each hair follicle is attached to a small nerve)?

  9. Anmol Bains
    Anmol Bains says:

    As someone who has been getting laser done for sometime trust me when i say this, if your esthetician or doctor is giving you one shot per area, walk away with your money. Some of the best lasers are yag and diode (being used in the video -which btw was totally not working cause it should have a flash and this is also the one I use). When you do one shot per area, you risk not treating all the hairs. My esthetician who is a blessing in my life worked with doctors at a hospital I worked at so I knew she was a pro. Through her I learned you need to go in circular motions and have a few shots at the same area so it is effective and gives proper results. At this rate you can be doing laser forever and have no results 🤦🏽‍♀️ this technique is a money grab

  10. Tsehay I
    Tsehay I says:

    but he didn’t ask the most important question. Are there possible long term health effects?? In like the early 1900’s(I’m unsure of exact dates) women used to get x-rays for the sole purpose of hair removal. That left them with health issues down the road.

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