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Hiya! Today I am sharing a halloween nail art design tutorial compilation consisting of 3 easy MINIMALIST halloween looks I think you guys will love! We have creepy blood drips, some sparkly red claws, and a stitched up french manicure that’s extra spooky 😉 Which is your favorite??

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

47 replies
  1. Danny Islas
    Danny Islas says:

    Love these designs! Super fun, classic and easy. I love doing the Frankenstein one. And fun tip: I use a black gel pen for the lines instead of nail polish. You can apply your top coat 1 second after the pen and it won't smudge! <3 <3 <3

  2. Michelle H
    Michelle H says:

    Love em…all. Last soccer game of the regular season this morning so (YAY) I finally get to change out from 2 months of blues. Feeling the pressure of what to pick now tho. I think it’s the Frankenstein tips first!

  3. Adam Vulpes
    Adam Vulpes says:

    Yo Kelli, I just wanted to say "thank you" for all your dope videos. I'm a guy who loves nail polish and your channel is not only great for learning new stuff, but also it shows how much love you put to your videos. Girl, you are a great content creator and I'm glad to be sub of your channel.

    You are a m a z i n g. Keep those videos coming. 🙂

  4. Kimmy F
    Kimmy F says:

    So cool! I know it would be a bit (or a whole lot) more difficult but on the claw one to make them stand out more it would look so neat to put matte on the nudes and gloss on the color only.

  5. nailsonpointbynina
    nailsonpointbynina says:

    do you buff your nails or are they just perfect without any ridges naturally?? mine have so many ridges but I don‘t like buffing cause it weakens them 🙁 cute designs btw I‘ll recreat the last one!

  6. sidhwen m
    sidhwen m says:

    Love the claw nails! I've only done them once before, I should do a take two 🙂
    (and you can easily colour-match the claws to whatever fits with your costume/outfit, like e.g. for a monster mermaid you could do green or blue or black for instance)

  7. Sarah Crittenden
    Sarah Crittenden says:

    Loving these so much!! Trying to decide what to do with my toenails for the season. Not that most people will see them, but it's still fun since we can't wear polish on our fingernails at work. Might try a jack-o'lantern look for the big toe.

  8. Jana Melody Appleby
    Jana Melody Appleby says:

    Hi Kelli I hope you are well!
    Love them! I love that red sparkly nail polish!
    My favourite is the red claw one! I think it looks great!
    Brilliantly described as always! I am always so INCREDIBLY grateful for doing that! 😉
    Cannot wait for your nect video!
    Love you!xxxxxx 😉 <3

  9. Tamara Miller
    Tamara Miller says:

    Love love love ! Are you going to be doing any halloween makeup looks ? I LOVE the nail art of course, it would be cool to see some creepy or cute fun makeup too 😁😉😀

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