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Billy Murray – “Arrah Wanna”
Florrie Ford – “We’ve Got a Jazz Band Here”
Kevin MacLeod – “Two Finger Johnny”



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  1. Brenda Fluffy
    Brenda Fluffy says:

    There is a channel that constantly puts out horrible "5 min hacks"
    They reached from cooking to gardening and beauty
    It should be marked as satire as they have suggested to put hot glue on a toothbrush and then brush your teeth with the hot glue like wtf ?!

  2. Author Andrea Ryan
    Author Andrea Ryan says:

    I honesty don't think the video was meant serious – or a least I hope it wasn't 😀 I've spent 4 year studying fashion (concentrating on its history), I've got BA from european cultural history, working on my MA and I can asure you I haven't heard about most of these.

    The beetroot was already adressed in other comments, but I would just add that I wouldn't say it was common? If we're talking about war era than I wouldn't be so sure about the abundnce of beetroot in certain areas, so it would be great if there was so reasearch in the video that would back it up? Say where and when was it used becaue vintage is pretty wide term.
    Lipstic was often used as a blush (I am sure you have heard of that one before, but again it comes down to how well supplied lipstics were in WW2 era in certain areas).

    The hair piece reminded me of how women often kept the hair they brushed out in special boxes so they could turn it in hairpieces to use when forming a hairstyle – this was quite common in Victorian and Edwardian era and I am sure we would find it in different times too.

    The toilet paper roll and teasing your hair…I hope that was a joke. I truly do. The toilet paper got invented in 1850s and I am not sure when it started to be sold in rolls. But even than, curling you hair was a must in more western areas until 1960s so having curlers, rag curlers or simple bobby pins for pin curls would be easy for most women. Not to mention it just wouldn't work as Rachel said.

    Yeah so, that's about it 😀 Also I am not sure about the dramatic eyeshadow but since there is no mention of which era are they trying to go for I can't really judge it.

    Hope this helped a little.

  3. Shirley Drake
    Shirley Drake says:

    Number 10, did vintage people even have toilet paper rolls? What they had were rag rollers. Hair was wound around a strip of cloth and the strip was tied. Same effect as pen curls.

  4. Ashley Krystin
    Ashley Krystin says:

    I died at "she would probably have the same amount of luck just scratching that brush on a black crayon." 😂

    Also, what I got from the eyebrow hack was to just go buy yourself some damn Besame cake mascara and use that even if it isn't your eyebrow color.

  5. Tara R
    Tara R says:

    You should make your own vintage beauty hack video!! Like "how to hack the vintage look in 30 mins" and just do a very "the basics with what you probably already have" something like that

  6. Entraya Crosshill
    Entraya Crosshill says:

    if you saw that beet and rosepetal hack, you can search on youtube for rose petal makeup and you'll have a super neat makeup project that'll actually work if you have a lot of red rose petals in your garden

  7. Beck Fry
    Beck Fry says:

    Beets and similarly pigmented fruits and vegetables where quite popular in Victorian times to add a little natural color with out looking like you were wearing make up which was uncouth to say the least, there’s a really cool video on it from the English heritage society. Though similar methods date back at least to the romans though they preferred blackberries. You probs already knew that Rachel.

  8. Emilly Orr
    Emilly Orr says:

    Oh, my gods. Even in my goth days, when I was using green concealer stick as foundation (really; it gave that luminous, "I've been dead three days" look), I NEVER used Vaseline for makeup. For ANYTHING. That is just…that is a no. That is a HUGE no.

  9. liv portellinha
    liv portellinha says:

    what about not using toilet paper rolls to curl your hair, cause not only are they fucking useless and you won´t be able to sleep with them, and like idk, use socks???

  10. TroubleMcTrouble
    TroubleMcTrouble says:

    I just loved the dry humour! "She would probably have the same amount of luck scratching that brush on a black crayon" and my personal favourite – "don't have time to go out and buy blush? That's okay, all you have to do is sacrifice a lamb's heart to the Gods"……ooh the sass is strong here…..I LOVE it. LOL!

    The toilet rolls did make me goggle a bit and, being a bit of a history buff, I think they were actually (wrongly) aiming at the old 'rag rolling' of hair (and veered far, FAR off course). Also the 'vintage' blusher 'hack' is from the ancient Greeks who often used crushed cooked beetroots and strawberries amongst other things. But at least the 'hack' didn't go with the early Shang Dynasty in China that used crushed flowers…..but also PIG pancreas or COW 'pulp' as a thickener! As red symbolises good luck (and cosmetics showed their wealth), the ancient Chinese liked their blusher the redder the better,……even it meant crushing certain animal offal into those flowers!🤮🤢 LOL!

  11. syda stark
    syda stark says:

    I am so grateful to discover Rachel , today, finally. I love the whole style and schtick. Also just wanted to say , I do use beets for cheeks and lips stain, just buy the powdered stuff in a bag from sprouts and mix it… Not an authentic retro option though.

  12. Tiina Berg
    Tiina Berg says:

    Vintage (Georgian) eyebrows were filled in using Cloves. "You burn the end of it, and they make really, surprisingly effective eyebrow pencils" -Georgian Makeup Tutorial (English Heritage youtube channel)

  13. XGLS C
    XGLS C says:

    the teased hair was 70's. We did use orange juice cans for rollers. They were metal back then and really sped up the time sitting under the bonnet dryer AND your hair was nice and smooth. Caution!!!! some of the cans paint didn't like the heat…. yeah… ewe.

  14. Deanna Tangen
    Deanna Tangen says:

    God this is horrible, I am warther lucky to have a grames who was young woman in the 40's and she would be a appalled by these. I once had the luxury of her doing my make up all 40's esc and she showed me some real beauty hacks that woman used in the 40's before hacks became a trend and none of these were even close.🙄😓😤

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