💦 Sweat & Summer Proof Makeup – Summer Grunge Look – Makeup Tutorial 2019 | Bailey Sarian

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My Acne/SkinCare Video : https://youtu.be/tKNY8v8jg2Q

Hi Friends !
Hope you are having a wonderful day so far. A big thank you to HelloFresh for partnering with me once again , it means so much that a company wants to work with me, so YAY! I wanted to create a summer, sweat proof grunge look, is that a thing? Ive decided it is. Hope you like this look as much as I do . Let me know what you would want to see next.
Love and appreciate you guys so much and I hope to be seeing you very soon . byeeeee
Bailey Sarian


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My Acne/SkinCare Video : https://youtu.be/tKNY8v8jg2Q

Products Used :
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Elta MD PM Therapy – https://amzn.to/2WqYqgQ
The Ordinary Caffeine Solution – https://amzn.to/2XuLRxv
Neogen Daylight SPF50 – http://bit.ly/2QS7apZ
SweatBlock – https://amzn.to/2WuMZEQ

NARS Matte Concealer “Vanilla” – http://bit.ly/2KeKNtA
-Royal and Langnickel OMNIA BOM – 225 – http://bit.ly/2QV0url
Danessa Myricks ColorFix “Olive You” – https://go.magik.ly/ml/nnc3/
-FARAH Brush 6 Short Shading
ViseArt Warm Matte 10 Palette – http://bit.ly/2VaeMbX
-Morphe M514 – http://bit.ly/2WOO9dD
-MUD Brush 625 – http://bit.ly/2QQ7qWL
Marc Jacobs FineLiner “Nudist” – http://bit.ly/2VucmWV
Essence Lash Princess Mascara – http://bit.ly/2VZPWwI
Bold Face Makeup “Lash Trance” – http://bit.ly/2QYqi60
-Duo Lash Glue – http://bit.ly/2WLHjFT

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray – http://bit.ly/2QPnKqw
Too Faced Peach Perfect “Vanilla” – http://bit.ly/2WTfsDz
-Morphe Y10 – http://bit.ly/2QW6gZJ
Jouer High Coverage Concealer “Custard” – http://bit.ly/2W5Fmo3
-Make Up For Ever 176 Brush – http://bit.ly/2KnPLnQ
Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Translucent – http://bit.ly/2VxpieD
-Powder Puff
-Scott Barnes Bursh 64 – http://bit.ly/2QPoewQ
Lion King x Luminess Contour Palette – http://bit.ly/2QQGW7q
-ilmakiage Brush 128 – http://bit.ly/2YWO6dl
Maybelline City Bronzer 200 – http://bit.ly/2QTtdNc

Maybelline Tattoo Studio “Soft Brown” – http://bit.ly/2W2ODNH
LimeCrime Bushy Brow “Brownie” – http://bit.ly/2HVpPx0

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22 replies
  1. Bailey Sarian
    Bailey Sarian says:

    Hi Friends!!! Happy Saturday ! Hope you like this look as much as I do and stay cool this summer. Dude, I am not excited about it, I sweat a lot. hahaha.. anyways I am posting the products here that I used because sometimes people dont read the description box and that's ok, I'll just pin a comment of the products used. haha… ANYWAYSSSSS… Let me know what you think ! And I would love to hear any tricks you guys might have on how to beat the summer heat , but still wanting a cake face . Have a wonderful day today, I love and appreciate you guys SO MUCH <3 Hope to be seeing you very very soon 🙂

    My Acne/SkinCare Video : https://youtu.be/tKNY8v8jg2Q

    Elta MD PM Therapy – https://amzn.to/2WqYqgQ
    The Ordinary Caffeine Solution – https://amzn.to/2XuLRxv
    Neogen Daylight SPF50 – http://bit.ly/2QS7apZ
    SweatBlock – https://amzn.to/2WuMZEQ

    NARS Matte Concealer “Vanilla” – http://bit.ly/2KeKNtA
    -Royal and Langnickel OMNIA BOM – 225 – http://bit.ly/2QV0url
    Danessa Myricks ColorFix “Olive You” – https://go.magik.ly/ml/nnc3/
    -FARAH Brush 6 Short Shading 
    ViseArt Warm Matte 10 Palette – http://bit.ly/2VaeMbX
    -Morphe M514 – http://bit.ly/2WOO9dD
    -MUD Brush 625 – http://bit.ly/2QQ7qWL
    Marc Jacobs FineLiner “Nudist” – http://bit.ly/2VucmWV
    Essence Lash Princess Mascara – http://bit.ly/2VZPWwI
    Bold Face Makeup “Lash Trance” – http://bit.ly/2QYqi60
    -Duo Lash Glue – http://bit.ly/2WLHjFT

    Urban Decay All Nighter Spray – http://bit.ly/2QPnKqw
    Too Faced Peach Perfect “Vanilla” – http://bit.ly/2WTfsDz
    -Morphe Y10 – http://bit.ly/2QW6gZJ
    Jouer High Coverage Concealer “Custard” – http://bit.ly/2W5Fmo3
    -Make Up For Ever 176 Brush – http://bit.ly/2KnPLnQ
    Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Translucent – http://bit.ly/2VxpieD
    -Powder Puff 
    -Scott Barnes Bursh 64 – http://bit.ly/2QPoewQ
    Lion King x Luminess Contour Palette – http://bit.ly/2QQGW7q
    -ilmakiage Brush 128 – http://bit.ly/2YWO6dl
    Maybelline City Bronzer 200 – http://bit.ly/2QTtdNc

    Maybelline Tattoo Studio “Soft Brown” – http://bit.ly/2W2ODNH
    LimeCrime Bushy Brow “Brownie” – http://bit.ly/2HVpPx0

    MAC Lip Liner “Stripdown” – http://bit.ly/2WNOQUJ
    Loreal Infallible Les Chocolate “Sweet Tooth” – http://bit.ly/2WLTDG7

  2. ChelseaJanelle
    ChelseaJanelle says:

    Wayne Goss said in a video he made that he has a friend who used a super strength antiperspirant on their face and her face fell off…Bailey was that you? 😂😂😂

  3. Ioana Provo
    Ioana Provo says:

    I literally CAN'T wear coloured T-shirts when summer hits. I can spray my entire body with 72h deodorant and as soon as I step foot outside I'll look like I ran in a marathon across the city. 😩😩😩

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