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Save 20% on your entire cart, including All Natural & Organic Self Tanning Lotion that's actually good for your skin! Simply use coupon code: VIXEN20 at checkout! Limited time only at: VOGENIX.COM

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  1. AmyKnits
    AmyKnits says:

    Girl, you absolutely DO NOT look orange! You are about as brown as they come. I've used Sun Goddess and I love it. You really have to work it in though but it gives great results. It is pricey though.

  2. Nichole Goodnite
    Nichole Goodnite says:

    i tan in the tanning bed 3-4 times a week and apply a dark self tanner once a week and moisturize my skin every night and exfoliate 2 times a week… and im DARK. love ittt. thats the best advice i could give anyone.

  3. Eva Maree
    Eva Maree says:

    I think the color looks beautiful on you, you're trippin 🙂 it's not too orange, it's pretty brown to me. I do the same thing, I feel like I'm orange and I trip out all the time haha. But it looks really really good on you!

  4. Beverly King
    Beverly King says:

    Have you tried the south seas tathian tanning mist ? I'm about to purchase some …I was about to buy this sun goddess but not willing to pay to be orange ..not that you look really orange here but there is a little yellow undertone .

  5. Aztec Girl
    Aztec Girl says:

    Oh and XEN TAN for face goes on smooth. I have an oily face. But it didn't break me out. But it is best to buy face one. The body one doesn't work as well on face.

  6. Aztec Girl
    Aztec Girl says:

    Have you tried XEN-TAN? It doesn't smell very bad. Smells like almonds sort of. They also make one for face and smells like chocolate. I have your color. I always turn orange with self tanners. I have brown hair and light olive skin. The XEN-TAN makes me the nice brown Latina color like my daughter and sister have naturally. It is not orange AT ALL. The down side is, it doesn't last 10 days. More like 4 or 5 . But everyone of my friends thought I had went to the lake cause they know I like Lake Tahoe. But I hadn't been out in the sun at all.

  7. Youbeauty
    Youbeauty says:

    Why don't you use the "one million dollar tan lotion it's not brown it's white you apply it like a regular lotion and u actually turn darker I loooooooove it 🙂

  8. Bridget W
    Bridget W says:

    I haven't tanned in forever but I actually love the Versaspa's sunless 360 bronzer.  It's a spray so it's alot easier to use for me personally because I don't have to worry about reaching the back.  It does take a minute to dry and I'd recommend waiting for it to dry and then going over more than once but it's not orange at all.  
    It's pricey about 35 on amazon and more if you buy in a salon but I like it.
    It's not super dark though, so I'm not sure how much you'd like it.  I love it but I'm very fair skinned so I can use it to build up on my own.  I think it would work the same way on someone with darker skin.

    I am probably the only person who's done spray tanning and self tanning who doesn't exfoliate before and I know that's bad but I also have pretty oily skin but I should probably make sure I hit up my elbows and such before I start up again.  

    ^I think that stuff is easier to get away with not doing with aerosols but maybe I'm just lucky.

    THE BROWN JINN says:

    YOU WANT TO BE BROWN. This is a subconscious survival trait to achieve the average. This average is specific to skin colour only NOT race or facial features. In a multicultural society the distinct ends of the spectrum are WHITE and BLACK. Therefore the average skin tone lies between this spectrum and this is usually a shade of BROWN. I highly suggest you mix with a Brown or Black man to overcome your insecurities and self-hatred issues and produce some brown offspring.

  10. Aaaa N
    Aaaa N says:

    you are beautiful! and i absolutely love and would definitely recommend the st. moriz instant self tanning mousse – it works absolutely great, its extremely affordable and there's so much product so you will have it for a long time as well without having to go buy a new one 🙂 xx

  11. Spring Dooley
    Spring Dooley says:

    hey i wanted to get back with you cause i found a really gd tanning lotion that is cheap and works pretty impressively its a green tent and dries well and gives a natural looking tan! i have tried so many. i dont know if you have a sally's there but thats where i got it is from sally's. its called tanwise. and its only 10-14 dollars.

  12. Spring Dooley
    Spring Dooley says:

    hi, my order came in I tried it. I think that sungoddess is ok but like you said there are some downfalls.:(. Good that it dries quickly. It didnt come out good around elbows or knees. It also does go to your pores and make them look darker:(. Best thing I liked about it was that it dried quick.

  13. Spring Dooley
    Spring Dooley says:

    i just ordered some. I also have always wanted to be tan . i heard adonia bronzing serum is suppose to be really good a lot of celebrities use it i guess. So afer i try the sungoddess lotion i will leave a comment here and i am trying adonia sunless tanning lotion next also.

  14. awishedforsong
    awishedforsong says:

    Honestly I've used the lotions and Extreme spray from Million Dollar Tan and absolutely love them. I'm one who turns orange from sunless tanners a bit more easily than most people because I naturally have very golden tones and NONE of them made me orange AT ALL. But if you don't want to try them, I would suggest the DARK St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse, Tanwise Dark Tanning Lotion, or Sun Goddess. Hope that helps!

  15. awishedforsong
    awishedforsong says:

    I have used the original MDT lotion, the Extreme MDT lotion, and the Extreme spray. I honestly love all three. The original lotion is a bit too light for what I want, but the Extreme is perfect. The Extreme spray is amazing as well. All 3 look perfectly natural on me – not orange AT ALL. The lotions have no scent, no color guide (no nauseating smell and no stained sheets & clothes!) and they dry SO fast. The spray has a beautiful color guide and dries insanely quick. I highly recommend them.

  16. Dana Direct
    Dana Direct says:

    I've tried a few self-tanners and these are the ones I really like… (lightest to darkest)
    LA Tan Sunless Dark Tanning Mousse
    Amber Sun by Norvell self-tanning lotion
    St Tropez Self Tan DARK Bronzing Mousse.

    I like the St. Tropez DARK cause it goes on with almost a green tone, and when it dries it looks like a natural olive tan. It doesn't look orange at all. I feel like unless you get something with a more green undertone, it's going to turn orange. I have a olive undertone to my skin though.

  17. Pip Addis
    Pip Addis says:

    Hey girl, I just want to say that I also tried this product, but I absolutely love it. It is hard to look good in lighting through video though, and self tanners always look different in every lighting. This one I feel is the only one that looks natural and brown. I don't think you look orange at all. Banana Boat Summer Color Deep Dark is another great option and is only $7 At Walmart. Sun Goddess looks best when washed off after 5 hours or less if you are really fair.

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