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Today I follow around my boyfriend Max in a typical day in his life as a professional ice hockey player. He shows us the rink, talks about his practices and games, and shows us what he does in a normal day. He plays for the Reading Royals in Reading PA and answers some of your questions at the end of the video.

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  1. Meg Vanderpoel
    Meg Vanderpoel says:

    Appreciate everyone’s concern for the environment, and totally advocate for reusable cups — but the distributor is worse than the consumer, and Starbucks will continue to make and waste plastic on a million cups, and one Max is not going to change that! We’re conditioned to believe we’re the problem, when really the corporations are perpetuating it.

  2. Fransheska Soto
    Fransheska Soto says:

    Omg I love you guys so much😫💗 It truly gives me hope that I will find someone like Max one day. And please make another day in my life of Max. I honestly loved it❣️

  3. Megan Marks
    Megan Marks says:

    Max NEEDS to get the reusable starbucks cup!! Costs 3 bucks and obviously cuts down on plastic. and he'll save 10 cents every drink which for how much he gets it can make a difference!!!

  4. Carly Schultz
    Carly Schultz says:

    Hi Gretchen! I’m actually from Reading, PA! If you come to visit and want some fun things to do, dm me & I can hook you up with some fun sights. @carly.dakota on insta. We met at Hotel One in Miami! 🙂

  5. Autumn Bier
    Autumn Bier says:

    you and maggie are such amazing role models. you both represent your lives in such positive ways and show how you can better yourself everyday. plus you guys have such amazing boyfriends its so cute. i wish to be like both of you when i am your age. keep doing you girls!!

  6. Ryan Herrera
    Ryan Herrera says:

    Hi max William and Gretchen hello 👋 both of you vlog was so great 😀 and nice 👍🏻 to go the game hockey 🏒 iced 🥶
    Max and Gretchen what is your favorite game of hockey 🏒 one ☝️ of players has to be a one to pick one ☝️
    I do like a hockey game of watching tv 📺 or YouTube channel on Live
    I used to play hockey 🏒 when I was in L.A. California in lynwood California on fifth grade I was probably 11 years old and I went to school 🏫 mark Twain elementary school 🏫 in Los Angeles CA I used to play but the funniest 😆 thing when I lost the game to kick 🦵 I fell on my floor no 👎 one of the student 👩‍🎓 make a laugh 😆 on me and one teachers 👩‍🏫 grab my arm to get it up for myself I wasn’t not the best player I always get lose I want to share it a story when I was a young boy 👦 for myself and next another played hockey 🏒 i couldn’t remember the score of my teachers 👨‍🏫 because that was a long time ago in the past but I remember just a little bit not to much, half memories as a childhood kid 🧒
    And one ☝️ my favorite player is Tennessee wolfs I used go have a shirt 👕?
    I do like it to play a game but not anymore because I wasn’t the good player at it
    Well max and Gretchen you both have a good day and take a care guys and get some a good time will see ya ✌️ on the next video YouTube channel was al some Vlogs you have see you next video bye 👋💓💗❤️👍🏻😆😘🙏🏒💋

  7. Leah Sperber
    Leah Sperber says:

    since you go to starbucks so much, you should get a reusable cup and straw! starbucks will fill it for you and even give you a discount on your coffee!! soooo much better for the environment!

  8. Kellie Reis
    Kellie Reis says:

    Also max did so good! He’s gotten so comfortable in front of the camera. You should definitely do a part 2! I think it’s so cool to learn more about the behind the scenes of a pro athlete because we don’t get to see that much!

  9. Kellie Reis
    Kellie Reis says:

    Wait I have a question, if max was drafted by the Sabres why doesn’t he play with them now? Or did he play with them when he was 18 and then like went to college a year late or??? Also I feel like a lot of hockey guys defer college to play hockey then go to college and are like 20 when they’re freshman and I don’t really understand that whole thing

  10. Anna Perelmuter
    Anna Perelmuter says:

    As I was watching this and he was going to Chipotle I was thinking he better have the rewards app and the same with Starbucks haha! Might as well get the rewards. Not sure if he know this but there is a bigger size than venti in iced drinks at Starbucks its a Trenta 🙂

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