Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

This is a short video on HOW TO I create rooting on my synthetic wigs using makeup! Simple, sublte and temporary methods:-) XOXO TAZ
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I am wearing Bridgette by Revlon in the color Champagne Blush. I purchased from a wig sister, no links available. Style may be discontinued.

21.25” Circumference
7” Front hairline to chin
Height 5’2.5”

Music by

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My amazon store – I’m adding new stuff all the time! I’m actually using and loving these items. Please read ingredients to check for allergy issues and ethical issues. I am not animal free, not chemical free, and I can tolerate most topical cosmetics.

**As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I only endorse products that I use myself and can personally attest to. I am not offering any warranty or guarantee. All products are as-is and as available.**

I use this small wire bristle wig brush…easy to use on tangles..fits perfectly into your bag!

Set of 3 JON RENAU wide toothed wig combs..I stash them in my bag, my car, my office! Affordable!

I use these mini claw clips to style my wigs/hair

These large claw clips are great for thicker hair

Rhinestone hair clips/bobby

Infinity Hair Claw Clips I use

Large auto clasp hair barrettes..the pressure holds ponytails the best,
more secure than claw clips!

I use the snap clips constantly..under tucks or quickly put back your bangs!

IT STAYS body adhesive is a must to secure your wig in wind or anytime:

Sew In type security clips for wigs:

Wig Grip -2 pack

Beautisol is my fave self bad smell, an even creamy tan that lasts. I use on my face too..after exfoliating. It was originally sold on QVC.. THE best stuff. I use from May-September.

Beautisol Need I Glow More Sunless Face Tanner

I use these exfoliating gloves before applying self tanner.. and at least once a week all year round. I throw them in the washer and reuse! I prefer this to heavy gritty scrubs that are harder on the skin and are very expensive.

Famous Dave’s Self Tanning Mitt for streak free smooth application of self tanning lotions and mousse. Reusable/washable

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Medium, not a self tanner..color only. Perfect for adding a touch of color to legs and arms and even out a tan, covers veins and blemishes. I recommend using with the Famous Dave’s Mitt

Australian Gold Botanical Mineral Sunscreen for face..non greasy, mildly tinted, absorbs completely

Colorscience powder mineral sunscreen brush applicator 50 SPF..perfect to carry in your bag!

Emoji Tweeze..I use this daily on upper lip and facial areas where my “grandma whiskers” appear.. it removes hair from the root through a pulling motion. Not painful, but takes some getting used to. This is one “As Seen On TV” product that I’ve used for over 10 years. NOT for eyebrows, but can be used between eye brows. Easier than manually tweezing..easy!

I cannot live without this toothbrush! I love my Oral B 8000. It cleans like you’ve just come back from the dentist, yet it’s super gentle..and it whitens!

I use these exact clippers to cut my own hair

Blumbody Silicon Neck Pads – I’ll do a video on these soon..


Cover Girl Jumbo Gloss Balm..Cocoa Twist- I use this color in most videos:

L’Oréal True March Foundation (N3)- I use this daily, but will add a bit of
(N4) in summer or when using self tanner:

L’Oréal True Match Foundation(N4) – I blend a bit of this into the (N3)


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. Cheryl The Pearl
    Cheryl The Pearl says:

    Great style wig for you. Lovely. Thanks for sharing all your videos. I have 5 wigs now, 4 are Raquel Welch and one is Toni Bratton. Besides a little water, what can be done about tiny hairs sticking out of the wig on top? It’s irritating and I think it gives it away that it’s a wig! Also I hope your son continues to improve and is back to his old self in Ga.

  2. Pamela Prescott
    Pamela Prescott says:

    Good morning Taz, I've been using eyeshadow on mine for quite a while great idea huh?. I love that wig and it looks fabulous on you, so realistic .Have a wonderful day God bless😍 prayers continued for your son🙏🙏😊

  3. Sunny Skyz
    Sunny Skyz says:

    Hi Taz – some of us sent you a picture of ourself in our favorite wig per your request. Could you possibly let me know if anything ever happen with that video idea?

  4. kk doc
    kk doc says:

    I did something similar using L’Oréal root touch up spray on the part, and it worked well giving dimension to the underside roots too. I have to admit though, that I use eye shadow a bit to fill in growing in bio hair. You picked a great color for that particular wig. Thanks again, Taz. Great minds think alike!! Lol

  5. Yoga Girl
    Yoga Girl says:

    Hi Taz! Thank you so much for this great video. I’ve been wondering about how to do this. You gave me the confidence to try it. Rooting makes the wig look so much more natural and modern.

  6. Raechelle Bennett
    Raechelle Bennett says:

    Great video Taz! Always love all your hints and tips. I've been using eye shadow as well. I use an eyeshadow color that matches my eyebrows to give my 'root color' a natural look, and this is going to sound corny, but I use a soft toothbrush to comb in my darker root. The toothbrush fibres glide into the hair layers a few layers deep and seems to catch the wig fibres at the deepest level. I dampen the toothbrush with a squirt of hairspray and brush over my new root to seal it in. This way, I am only applying hairspray as a sealer to the root area and not the top of my wig. And combing a little hairspray over my new root allows any stiffness to dissipate as well. Corny in Canada 🇨🇦⚘

  7. Liz Lyons
    Liz Lyons says:

    It works very well. I use Madison Reed Italian hair dye on my biohair and they sell a root touchup compact that could be used to do this. The beauty of it is, it is meant to stick to the hair and eliminates the need to set the powder with wig spray. It stays in place until you wash it out. Always good to see how you do things, Taz. The brushes you chose are great and I am sure make this process easier. xoxo

  8. Lesli Kay
    Lesli Kay says:

    Great job Taz! I have already been doing some rooting. I restored about 7 wigs after watching your videos. So I practiced on those. It actually looked really good. I can't even tell you how much money you saved me Taz! lol Love you precious lady. You are an angel.

  9. audrey magnuson
    audrey magnuson says:

    Hello, I notice that you have a widows peak on your forhead. I have one also and am wondering if a person could shave it off so it would not be as noticeable especially when wearing a wig?

  10. Rishi Beauty
    Rishi Beauty says:

    Doesn’t the eyeshadow shorten the life of some fibers? I would imagine that you wouldn’t want this in a Raquel wig because then your Editors choice only lasts 3 weeks rather than 3 months.

  11. Cynthia's Tarot
    Cynthia's Tarot says:

    That wig is so luxurious and beautiful ! I love it on you ! When I was blond, I had to touch up every two weeks ! I can't believe that I did that for about 12 years of my life ! This is a very interesting and helpful vid ! You never run out of ideas ! You are so smart and creative on every level ! I wish you a beautiful, incredible day, my dear sister !

  12. Ramona DeLaney
    Ramona DeLaney says:

    I have a JR wig w/smart lace the very dark brown rooting that looks like hair plugs on my forehead. It's a Kristi, and I need to lighten the rooting. Should I use powder or something else?

  13. Michele KT
    Michele KT says:

    Another good alternative is Clairol Root Touch Up powder. It comes with a brush in 6 realistic colors and is less expensive than Joan Rivers Great Hair Day. 💕

  14. Faux Hair, Don't Care!
    Faux Hair, Don't Care! says:

    I've always used the Clairol powder root touch up with the brush to add a root shadow, but eye shadow works fine, of course. I did that with the Rene of Paris Cameron I used to wear. I would hesitate to use anything permanent of course. The root touch up spray adds a gummy feeling to synthetic fibers and sometimes, can actually stain the fibers of super light blondes I've heard. Thanks, Taz. Take literally a few seconds to apply powder or to reapply! ~Cyn

  15. Barbra Mighall
    Barbra Mighall says:

    Taz, I have been such a bonehead! I finally tried WIGSTUDIO1! I am so sorry that it took me this long. The customer service was SO attentive, kind and accomodating. The prices were just the same and in one style even better than competitors. I ordered two day ago and am receiving the wigs TODAY, free of charge due to spending 150.00 or more. Otherwise, I would have paid only 10.00 for the fast delivery. I have ordered only from others that are free but you wait up to three weeks or for 8.00 and I wait two weeks. I was personally called twice by WIGSTUDIO1, out of complete courtesy. I feel like a fool for not having done business with them until now. You should be proud to represent such an incredible business. 💕💕

  16. henrietta henson
    henrietta henson says:

    You can use WOW powder root touch up its still semi permanent but I find it adears to the fibres really well and the browns are really natural which is so good on a blonde wig…. Just another way to add dimension..

  17. Susan Hojdik
    Susan Hojdik says:

    Hi, Taz. I have done this also but now, have had great results using Great Hair Day by Joan Rivers on my wigs. You can use multiple light layers in different shades. Works great. The beauty of your ideais, that there are so many shadow choices and really be custom. Thanks for another really great info segment.

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