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11 Perfect Halloween Makeup Ideas 2019 😱 Halloween Makeup Tutorials | Luxurious Beauty.
This video will show you the horror makeup ideas to shine your self in some special occasion.

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18 replies
  1. Sweet potato _299
    Sweet potato _299 says:

    You know what the scariest thing in this video is?

    How long some of these girls freaking nails are they're gonna poke an eye out I swear

    I know this might come out as mean but this is a really cool video I know what I'm gonna be for Halloween now

  2. Ben Mowatt
    Ben Mowatt says:

    Please FOR THE LOVE OF THE NON EXISTENT GOD! Stop. J-just stop with the fucking average everyday slut makeup…please…… You girls have LITERALLY ruined halloween, your not supposed to look "cute" or slutty….., YOUR SUPPOSED TO LOOK CREEPY OR SCARY…… God…. These videos anger me….and plz don't come at me with the "Then why'd you watch it blah blah blah…" BECAUSE I CAN…. THIS is the reason I've lost even more faith in humanity…(imagine all this in daz blacks voice)

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