Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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I want to apologize to those who felt offended with the first video, and didn’t give me the time to be able to upload this half of the video without forming their thoughts on my feelings. I feel terrible for those who didn’t wait for the second half. BOTH of these videos are with nothing but good intentions.



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I love letters and little things!
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Products Used:
All products in part one
Graftobian Scar Wax
Skin Illustrator (blood)
Paradise Paint (lime green, green)
FAB Paint (tan)
Smashbox brown and black eyeshadows

Permission was granted for use in this video.
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

43 replies
  1. chris Anderson
    chris Anderson says:

    i don't like how i look, so i sfx myself into strange creatures, paint myself like your tutorials, i don't try to look better, i try to just look stranger, it's waaay more fun

  2. NerdySamSays
    NerdySamSays says:

    I love playing with make-up, and Id like to do youtuber stuff (make videos and do exciting stuff, but not necessarily makeup as Im not that good at it) but I dont have the equipment! and although I personally am really insecure of my looks and weight I try and not let them effect my personality! but the sad reality is that if someone mentions it to my face, or even mentions it to one of my friends behind my back, I get upset. and thats the thing about society, we are much too focused on whats outside to let truly decent people have a shot at being themselves and being liked for it. I think its sad that people thought that you were making fun of others, or even them, with the first video! yes some people are a little over the top with make-up and would, in my opinion, look a lot better if they toned it down, but it doesnt matter what I think, if they like it, good for them, society is to judgmental and controlling. I love your videos, not because I think youre beautiful. but because im jealous of how confident and talented you are, or at least seem to be. and to be honest youd probably be one of my top five youtubers… if not top two! anyway, I loved the video πŸ˜€

  3. Sara Lindquist
    Sara Lindquist says:

    Oh my god I loved your speech! You're so amazing! And I know you have so many request for makeup tutorials all the time but I would totally love it if you did an Ellie makeup tutorial(She's one of the main characters from The Last Of Us) and you got the red hair and everything! I would totally fall in love

  4. Ashley Kachadorian
    Ashley Kachadorian says:

    Hi lex! my name is Kasey & I wanted to say thank you! thank you for being nice & funny! you are one of the many reasons I am 58 days clean! ilysm & I hope you see this! you just make me SO happy when I want to cry! thank you

  5. Aya Malberger
    Aya Malberger says:

    lex, u r amazing! u r such a good person who tries(and sucseed) to make the world better. u tell people the ugly truth in the most beautyfull way! u give attention to your fans, and actually answering them and talk to them. i m a really big fan of u, only(not only) because u dont think that u r diffrent then other people, u just go with your dream and the world going with u. u r super talentive and nice, that gives another meaning to the messed-up word "perfect". know what? nobody is perfect, but some people doesnt even care! u r truly amazing!❀❀❀❀❀ @madeyewlook

  6. Stevie Barnett
    Stevie Barnett says:

    i freakin' love this! All your vids are but this is mutts nuts girl! Are you still doing requests? coz i have 1! Im dressing as Poison Ivy for Halloween. There are a few really good ones on here but not one that goes all out, full on ott, you know? Could ya? i will love you more, if that's possible, much love! xx

  7. SeanceVixen
    SeanceVixen says:

    Throwback to when we were 11 and we didn't play with makeup. We played outside, we played in the dirt, and we were KIDS. I wore glasses, I was awkward, and I was happy with who I was and am. I have an Instagram page and I do my makeup and do reviews, but anyone who knows me on a personal level, knows I don't wear anything more than a little eyeliner on a normal day.

  8. Olivia Elder
    Olivia Elder says:

    It's funny (not about the meaningful part) but I actually just died the ends of my hair teal. And some of my friends dislike that I didn't do blonde since my hair is short and (photo doesn't show my hair….just realized that πŸ˜‚) I cut my hair because I wanted to start my first year of high school "fresh" and then I realized. I was looking to much like everyone else who had short hair. So I dyed the ends real because I wanted to stand out and stuff. But my some of my friends think I should've just looked like everyone else and they don't like it. Well to bad. It's my hair, and I want to look different. Sometimes I do wish I looked like everyone else, but I wanna look different so that I'm not some fake person that I created myself to be.
    Thanks Lex, for the intro. It really opened my eyes personally ❀️

    STAN ASTRO says:

    lex could you make a video on liquid eye liner tips and tricks ? I really want to get better at those things and you are AMAZING at it so yeah just wondering CX

  10. Day Desiree
    Day Desiree says:

    I really love that you made this video. Alot of people have done this "trend" thing and ive even seen little kids do it. Some kids PARENTS do it to them. And its sad to see :/. I was bullied my entire life just because I wouldn't do what everyone else did. I'm glad to see you are trying to make half the world better again. Im glad you stay true to who you are. Love you lex


  11. Margaret Byrne
    Margaret Byrne says:

    dear madeyewlook I am so happy that I found your channel because u make my life a good place with out u I would be miserable because a couple years ago I had no friends and now thanks to you I have friends with people like you this world would be a terrible place but we're lucky the people a
    like you are on YouTube and can say what they want

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