Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

My Current AM Anti-Aging Skincare Routine! And I must say, this is the BEST routine ever! Ingredients, results, everything is just so perfect that I am loving this routine so much! Thanks for getting ready with me xoxo

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I own and run Premier Look

Osmosis Gentle Cleanser (code Brianna15 for 15% off) |
MUN Skin Purifying Cleanser |

The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner Toner |

Truth Treatments C Serum (best vitamin C I have ever used!)(code Brianna15 for 15% off) |

Osmosis Stemfactor Growth Factor Serum (obsessed with the ingredients!) (code Brianna15 for 15% off) |
Skinmedica TNS Essential Serum |

Osmosis Clear Plus Activating Mist (code Brianna15 for 15% off)|

Osmosis Correct Vitamin A Serum (I forget to mention their are three strengths. This one is the level 3, so the middle strength. Calm is the level 2 and lowest strength and Renew is the highest at the level 4) (code Brianna15 for 15%off) |

Osmosis Rescue (I use this for keeping inflammation gone and because its amazing for pores too…it’s amazing! (code Brianna15 for 15% off)) |

Skinmedica TNS Illuminating Eye Cream |

Osmosis Quench Plus Moisturizer (code Brianna15 for 15% off) |
Skinbetter Hydrating Boosting Cream |

Elta MD UV Elements SPF44 |



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**This video is not sponsored. I bought everything myself and all opinions are my own 🙂 I do use affiliate links above and I thank you so much for using them as it helps support my time to make videos, edit videos and buy all the products to keep my channel going!


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. Judi Goldfarb
    Judi Goldfarb says:

    Started using Osmosis after I watched your videos, love & am obsessed with Truth Treatments, dipping into that too, love. I really don’t think these lines are so much expensive even Truth their products last 7-8 months or so you just use such a small amount.

  2. v m
    v m says:

    Hi could you go over some products that are breastfeeding friendly that actually work for anti aging? Im 32 yrs old thank you

  3. YRS
    YRS says:

    How can you mix the truth C which is an oil with other serums? From my understanding serums can’t penetrate oils 🤷🏼‍♀️ Also, doesn’t mixing in your palm change the ph of the products?

  4. LaLa Carroll
    LaLa Carroll says:

    Hi! Mel Thomp mentioned you in her video today, and she was right you are so knowledgeable about skincare!
    So, I’m completely starting over with skincare and makeup! My husband came home about 2 weeks ago and said that he didn’t love me anymore, found someone else and wants a divorce! We just moved to Texas 2 months ago so I have no family and friends here, so my husband has been super nasty and mean and trashed ALL my makeup, all my skincare, brushes, hair tools and clothes!
    So it’s so awesome to see this video! I’ve always had hormonal breakouts around my chin and jawline, I’m on the dryer side in some areas and oily in the t zone! Lately I’ve been crying so much my skin is red, dull, dehydrated and I have uneven skin and texture! Will these products help with all I’m suffering from? Thank you so much 😊 for such an educational video, I had NO IDEA that any foaming cleanser is bad for your skin!

  5. Molly Shaker
    Molly Shaker says:

    Brianna you are great. By any chance have you considered doing a video on hair extensions. Affordable and easy to use. My hair is thinning and would love some help. Cause i trust you the most

  6. Vicky Vomvas
    Vicky Vomvas says:

    I purchased the Osmosis Gentle Cleanser and I love it!!! My skin does not feel dry and tight. I was using the Cerave hydrating cleanser. I will be slowly purchasing this Skincare Routine since it is so pricey but worth it. Thank you so much, Brianna, for sharing!!!

  7. sign in
    sign in says:

    I love that you are sharing with us what you use but a lot of people don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on skin care
    can you make another affordable good skin care video for dry skin because we see alot of people talking about oily acne prone skin but we dont see many videos about dry mature skin
    love your videos

  8. angeline wood
    angeline wood says:

    Ya I watched the video on the rep from osmosis line and with the doctor,one thing I felt was kinda weird was they have tons of skincare and awesome products but why don't they have more than one simple spf30?

  9. Maki Sato
    Maki Sato says:

    i like your videos but why are you wearing all the fancy rings while applying skincare to your face? Who does that? Firstly, the serums will get into the gap between your rings and your finger. Secondly, we all know our hands has lots of bacteria and rings are perfect place to harbour them.

  10. domi109
    domi109 says:

    well it's all great but every product is so expensive…
    it's great for you that you can afford it
    I will have to fing another vloger who knows some alternatives

  11. Amy Dickey
    Amy Dickey says:

    Love this! I cannot believe you're 38. I should've started all of this shit sooner. I am a year older than you and I have always taken care of my skin, retinoids since early teens, but I wasn't really aggressive with antiaging stuff.

    Stupid questions (maybe I should email you guys?)

    Do I need a toner? Will it help the products soak in better? I don't normally washwash in the morning, I usually use a mist and wipe it down. Is that a huge problem? Would toner be a decent replacement?

    What's the difference between the TNS Essential and the Osmosis serum?

  12. 620ria
    620ria says:

    Love this Brianna! I have to open up my Osmosis products now. 🙂 I spoke to Ben Fuchs a couple of weeks ago……He's incredibly nice and I NEED to get his C serum!

  13. Amber Rochelle
    Amber Rochelle says:

    Brianna, what would you recommend for a cleanser, toner and moisturizer for someone who has an oily t-zone, dry face and mild acne on the chin? I always order from premier look and I just don’t have the right system!

  14. msdissident04
    msdissident04 says:

    The osmosis activating mist (along with the vitamin A) got rid of all my flesh bumps along my jawline! I love it….I’m almost out, this will be my 3rd bottle when I reorder

  15. Korinne McChesney
    Korinne McChesney says:

    Love your videos!! I’ve learned sooooo much from you!! I suffer from acne and scarring and have been researching it and by far you my favorite when it comes to skincare!! I have been listening your videos all day while I work lol. What is the name of the vitamin c equivalent ingredient called I think you were talking about in the truth videos or emties? Thank you!!

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