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“Blessed be our New Founding Fathers and America, a nation reborn.”🔪

Heya spooks!!! Thank you so much for your patience for the delayed upload— remember the “technical difficulties” I mentioned earlier?? Well my external hard drive (with ALL of my footage and editing software on it..) decided to go kaput yesterday😬 I may or may not have had a mental breakdown– but who’s to say??🤔 Thankfully I was able to recover everything from it today– but time to get a new external hard drive!!!😂
Anyways– here is my Purge Lady Liberty makeup tutorial!! It’s surprisingly easy to do, however still not quite as easy as just buying the light up mask online😂 I hope you guys enjoy!!!💚

《COSTUME》: California Costumes Women’s Lady Liberty Adult

《CONTACTS》: Kazzue Black Sclera Lens Sabretooth/Blackout/Black with Prescription

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  1. CreativeFe fe
    CreativeFe fe says:

    Nice. I wish I could hire you to come help with my sons costume this year. Im goung to attempt a homemade werewolf on my four yr old. Seems simple enough.
    .haha. Maybe for someone with the caliber of talent you have or maybe even other moms can pull off C + versions buuutttt lol
    Wish me luck

    Can't wait to see your next upload

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