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Today’s hair tutorial is, Easy Hairstyles perfect for medium hair and long hair. I hope these hairstyles make you feel beautiful, comment a ☀️ if you see this. 🙂




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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

38 replies
  1. Kathy A.B.
    Kathy A.B. says:

    Super cute!! I've been a stylist for almost 30 years and I check You Tube once a week or so to find new ideas and yours are wonderful.
    Thank you. 😃 You've made my day easier.

  2. Tara Ramos
    Tara Ramos says:

    What would you suggest for someone with long but thin hair? This is the first time in my entire life of 37 years that I've even had a pony tail but it's now about halfway down my back and I just don't know what to do with it!!! It's obviously thin with braids but I'm sick of messy buns and pony tails! HELP!

  3. Mrs. PARK JIMIN
    Mrs. PARK JIMIN says:

    Just found your channel &its amazing 😍
    Can u pls do one video on choosing hairstyles according to your face shape
    ( square 😥 shaped face & am really very tired of finding a good hairstyle )

  4. Have a magical day
    Have a magical day says:

    I washed my hair today and I haven’t washed it since last friday and have gone for a week and two days without washing my hair because I completely forgot about my hair (I just had it in a bun, I didn’t even add dry shampoo😂). I did a coconut oil mask today and blowdryed it afterwards with a blow drying oil spray and it is so shiny and soft and that is not normal at all for my hair so I think that not washing my hair for a while gave me this softness boost to my hair❤️ you look gorgeous😍 I really want to bleach and dye my hair crazy color red this summer but because of the hairfall I had because of my thyroid and the bleaching and dying I have done to it before I am really considering not to do it😭 I have used coconut oil everytime I wash my hair for the last three weeks and I want to continue doing so, maybe my hair can get healthy enough with that and cutting it so I can bleach it (I won’t cut off much, I love long hair😂) and washing my hair even less than what I normally do (I normally wash my hair twice a week but I want to do it once or less to keep it soft, shiny and healthier). It is 09:23pm here now and I am going to go to bed now because I have a doctors appointment early tomorrow (8:30am), I have not done anything at all today, I have just slept in, done laundry and washed the dishes and slept even more and I love sleeping so much😂❤️ my favourite is number three, I have done something similar before but I teased it and curled it before twisting it back❤️

  5. Kristi Gibson-Cormier
    Kristi Gibson-Cormier says:

    Alex💙💙 I love them all! I hope all is well you look gorgeous ❤ I'm chillin with the pups right now. Its a pj Sunday and am checking out all the new tutorials starting with my favorite young lady YOU hope your having an amazing weekend❤

  6. Jessieheath101
    Jessieheath101 says:

    Oh my gosh I really needed this video! 😱🙏🏻🎉 I cant wait to try these out 🙋🏻‍♀️🎉👏🏻🎈I especially love hairstyle 3😍 thank you again for another amazing tutorial 😘💜🌷xxx

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