Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

What’s your favorite self tanner? Tell me in the comments! I have 2 FAVORITE self tanners. These are GREAT for pale skin, dry skin or mature skin! Both of these sunless tanners can be using on the face as well. These self tanners are by Fake Bake and by Palmer’s:
TANNING BUTTER: (amazon) OR (feel unique online store for UK & US) (walmart online only)
This one has a dark color guide, comes with gloves for application and gives a medium tan with one application. It can be built up if you apply it 2 nights in a row for a even darker tan. It has a buttery type of scent that does fade away. Tan lasts about 4-5 days and wears off nicely.

GRADUAL TANNER: (amazon) OR (feel unique online store for UK & US)
This one is a white lotion, I apply it with my hands and just wash my palms well after. It gives a nice light tan after one application and can be built up for a darker tan more of a medium tan if you apply it 2 nights in a row. It has a chocolate scent that does fade away and the tan lasts about 4 days and wears off nicely. This one is great if you have dark spots, sun damage, melasma or hyperpigmentation to the skin as it does not cling to those spots! It also does not cling to dry areas of the skin either.

My Camera:

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Some of my FAVORITE skin care, hair care and makeup items I ALWAYS repurchase!
-RETIN A (this is a prescription in the U.S.)

-BEENIGMA: It helps build collagen, hydrate and is the ONLY cream that I mix with my Retin A so I have NO irritation! I mix a little beenigma with my retin a and a fade cream every night and then use beenigma alone in the morning under my makeup. for $40 OFF each jar and Free shipping! (Can change how often you get a jar sent by simply contacting their customer service—I purchase this for myself using the link they gave me)

FADE CREAM: I use a 3% hydroquinone: or a 2% hydroquinone: for 4 months then I switch to a non-hydroquinone fade cream for 1 month and then back on my hydroquinone product.

DERMAROLLER: 0.25 mm roller (can be used nightly):
0.5 mm roller (I use it 1 x every 2 weeks):
OR Use code: beautybyanne for 10% OFF entire order and FREE shipping within the U.S!
I love the 0.25 mm and 0.5mm Derma rollers!


EYELINER (stays in place!): I wear navy in upper waterline

MASCARA (I use the waterproof):

PLUMPING BALMS: Filorga and Soap & Glory I use these after dermarolling my lips to help build collagen (they both have peptides)

LANOLIN OINTMENT: I put this on my lips every night and no more chapped lips!

HAIR/DRY TEXTURE SPRAY: I use a little of this every time I style my hair to add texture


I hope you enjoyed seeing what my favorite tanning products are!
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xo Anne

FTC disclosure: I do use amazon and magic links (I may earn a very small percentage of sales through my links) Thank you to all who use my links, I appreciate it!

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I do have fairly pale skin and watched Lauren Curtis fake tan routine video which inspired me to share with you my 2 favorite products for sunless tanning my pale skin and thought it could be helpful to others with a fair complexion and give other options than most tanning products that are shown and talked about here on youtube


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. AlTwoIrene
    AlTwoIrene says:

    i know this a late comment but could you please let me know if you use this on your face also and if you do –do you use it after using serums and moisturizers and retin a?? seems like it would go on even smoother using those except for maybe the retin a –has me baffled but i want to try –tired of bein washed out!! thankyou–you look great by the way!! as always!

  2. Cindi Barber
    Cindi Barber says:

    Thanks Anne for these tanners. I will have to try the Palmers. If it smells like chocolate how bad can it be. Your necklace is beautiful!!! Love and xoxo, Cindi

  3. Lydia Glassman
    Lydia Glassman says:

    Hi Anne Marie! So glad I looked you up for this! Can always count on you! Could you tell me if I can still use my vit C and retinol esp on face??? I would love to go makeup free by the pool! Also which us your fave every day body lotion that doesn't break down your tan? AND which is your fave body/face sunscreens with these lotions? Tanner tgat doesn't cling to sunspots!!! Amazing!!! THANK YOU!!! Now I'm off to your sunspot fading videos as I'm sure you've covered a few times! Love you girl for sharing!!! You're the Best!!! (-:

  4. Ani Merci
    Ani Merci says:

    My problem with self tanners is clothing discoloration. I’ve ruined so many articles of clothing, even days and many showers after application. I’ve yet to find a self tanner that doesn’t do this.

  5. Jacqueline van Loon
    Jacqueline van Loon says:

    Dear Anne-Marie  I am so thankful to have found your channel when searching for self tanners.  I then went on to look at several more of your videos and found them so helpful.  I love the necklace you are wearing in the Best Self Tanners for pale, dry, or mature skin. Would you be willing to tell me where to find this type of jewelry?  I will be looking into getting the Palmer products.  Thank you so much.

  6. C. Zeese
    C. Zeese says:

    I have tried many self tanners with various results. I was using L'ORÉAL Sublime Bronze in medium cream, But this year 2017 L'Oréal came out with a new self tanner and it is a Serum. It is their L'ORÉAL Sublime Bronze Serum in medium. This is my best EVER product I have tried. Unlike the cream bronzer is dries quickly, does not rub off after showering on your towel or clothes, I do pat dry. I can use it on my face, but must wait a few days if you are micro needling your face and body. I also do a sugar or exfoliating scrub on my body( not face as use retinal A). This product can be bought at Walmart. It costs.about $8.99. Because it does not have a application tint I go around in circles to get every I g covered and my hubby does my back. The color is natural and lasts longer than their cream version. You also use less. There is no significant smell, I do it early evening and shower next am. You will get a great looking tan with one application. It takes several ours for this to show he best color,do not add more after 2 hours cause you think it is not dark enough. I made that mistake. Wait until the next am to see your color and after shower if you want to be darker, apply a second coat. It wears very naturally,no dark spots. Please do read direction. I do use a Dr. Office glove to do one side, remove glove,put on other hand to do that side. This was an A- plus for me!! I am older,did not get stuck in wrinkles or get darkened spotting. It dries quickly. I do use "IT" CC+ 50 foundation in their Bronze Color and matched my tan perfectly. I do put the Serum on my neck,chest. You do want to apply a small amount or lotion to elbows,knees,knuckles,heel bone,ankle bone so you do not get darker in those typically darker areas. Love our video's….😘

  7. Gloria Golemboski
    Gloria Golemboski says:

    Do you use the palmers milk and face moisturizer after derma rolling or in morning. I just can't scroll and find products. It's me. I'm just not into computers. I use iPad and can't get it. Sorry. Love you though. Your the best.

  8. Denise G
    Denise G says:

    Hi Anne I was so looking forward to seeing this video as always you did a great job of describing it and effect they give.
    So what kind of tan like is it very dark with the Palmers one or more a base shade? I think I can buy either one on AMazon for me but is one I guess better then the other? I'm not a pro to self tanning need more practice as I seem to get streaks easy and miss spots too….end up looking like a leopard some days…:o). Hugs xo Dee

  9. Katherine Good
    Katherine Good says:

    I love self tanners. I use a neutrogena "build a tan" product, but will try Palmers. My legs, arms and chest look great, but the areas I can't reach leave me feeling "half baked" LOL. Any tips or tricks? I watch Jennifer Jenkins and Mary Ellen too. You are all changing my life and I am looking so much better as I turn 60 in just a few weeks. THANK YOU for helping me reach this milestone with confidence in my appearance and love in my heart for my online beauty gurus.

  10. All That Beauty With Lori
    All That Beauty With Lori says:

    You like a lot of Palmers I need to try a lot of their products, I do want to try their cleansing oil you share, I might try and get the Palmers if I can I want to add some color before summer is over. Have a good day love and blessings xoxo <3

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