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I’m tagging Ciaoobelllaxo to do a 1930’s inspired makeup tutorial!! Check her out here:

To see all the products I used as well as affordable alternatives, check out my blog post:

As for the headpiece, I just bought a bunch of lace, pearls, and crystals from the craft store and put it together!

FTC: This video was sponsored by Lionsgate.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

34 replies
  1. Rosa Winchester
    Rosa Winchester says:

    I noticed she said it was 1920s inspired not 1920s authentic makeup. It’s still modern with some aspects of what we mostly associate with 1920s. I feel like this style has recently begun to comeback in some ways. I like it very beautiful.

  2. Madelyn Cooper
    Madelyn Cooper says:

    I love this look so much. As you said it was 1920's inspired, but most of this is not at all historically accurate. If you guys are looking for something more historically accurate, I recommend watching Zebrena's 1920's makeup look. This as she said, was meant to be a wearable look. And this concludes my ted talk.

  3. anita M
    anita M says:

    What brand and color Matte lipstick did you use? Your blog page isn’t being found…I know this is an older video but I love this look!

  4. Beatrice_92
    Beatrice_92 says:

    Girl…I have a sort of doubt. Why did you do an "all-american and British brands" make-up tutorial? Most of us don't have American brands that are that accessible. Especially in Portugal, a smallish country with an average income circa 600 euros, you do not have that much to spare for American and British. Sure, we have BodyShop but most of the stuff I see here are either French labels or European ones.

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