Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!


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I know a lot of you have been anxiously awaiting my review on the Osmosis Skin Care, so I decided to include my entire PM routine. I know these are a lot of steps, and I am in no way suggesting you need to have this many in your own routine. It is just what works for me. This routine is for my normal skin..Osmosis has products to cater to all skin types. Love y’all, and hope you enjoy the video! Please like and subscribe before you really helps me out!

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

50 replies
  1. Elizabeth Detrich
    Elizabeth Detrich says:

    Regarding how long a product should last. If you use two-three pumps daily, a one-ounce bottle should last almost three months. I use the Osmosis Level 4 Vitamin A serum. I started using it twice weekly, then every other night and now I'm using it every evening. Do you really feel the Vitamin C Serum or mist is a 'Must-have'? I've been thinking of trying the Truth Treatment line instead. I am 52, seeing my skin get a little more dry and flaky.

  2. wt30001
    wt30001 says:

    Brianna has an interview with the Osmosis rep. Underneath the. Ideo she has listed what to use for different problems. Also her interview with Dr. Ben Johnson has her routine, which has changed since she made that video. Additionally these are on Overstock and Amazon. If you shop around for specific items you can find them cheaper. However I did receive one item that was dried up so be certain you pay attention to return policies. I ordered from JoElla Milan and she had great, deep discounts. I wish I had bought full sizes instead of sample/travel size.

  3. Stacy Moore
    Stacy Moore says:

    Do you prefer the osmosis vitamin a serum to retin a products. I am currently using refissa and it lasts forever…is the expense of osmosis worth the results as compared to retin a products?

  4. Angela Cristy
    Angela Cristy says:

    I didn’t know we could add all those together ??? I thought vit A was only to be used alone. Is that what osmosis said ? I have everything from the line and I too only use at night. Bc the catalyst does Turn my face yellow. So we can do all and get all the benefits ? I have the rescue too. And stem factor and I just got the replenish and I do have the clear and like u I hate the moisturizer I think there’s better out there. Sometimes I feel like I’m just slapping a lot on when I’m not sure 🤔 what all Gos together??

  5. sherie light
    sherie light says:

    For your lashes I do sing the praises of careprost. I just purchased some of the Osmosis products, I hope to receive directly. I did purchase the activating mist. Be blessed.

  6. Anne Hubben
    Anne Hubben says:

    hi Mandy, can you do an update on how you like Osmosis. I've been using it myself & i think i like it, people say my skin looks good but i'm also doing a bunch of other things, so am curious about your take on it. This original video was super helpful. Thanks!

  7. Huda Fashho
    Huda Fashho says:

    I read that you can return up to 3 products in one rolling calendar year… you should look into sending it back… do you still enjoy your products?

  8. Carol-catzmom61
    Carol-catzmom61 says:

    I am going to start my Osmosis products tonight. I was trying to finish up other things, but my skin is not looking great, so I want to get started! I bought the growth factor, catalyst, activating mist and the moisturizer. I wish I hadn't purchased the moisturizer now because I have seen 3 or 4 on Sephora that I want to try, but have to use it.

  9. LuxLuv 101
    LuxLuv 101 says:

    …yes I agree quite expensive to keep on repurchasing if they run out fast. Have you ever used tretinoin? If so, what are your thoughts on using tretinoin and the osmosis vit a on alternate days? Thanks

  10. Patty Killion
    Patty Killion says:

    Hey Mandy, I just found your channel and have fallen in love with you..well, not in love..but you know ..a girl crush!! I actually just ordered and received an Osmosis order from Brianna. I'm a little confused that she directed you to use both Vitamin A serum and the Catalyst AC-11 together on the same night. Brianna stated in her video that she uses them on alternate nights?? I got the Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum and didn't get the Growth Factor Serum. I'm now confused and need to contact either Brianna or Osmosis on how to apply these very expensive products. I will say if you alternate nights between the serums…they will last longer! You are absolutely fabulous and look forward to watching all your videos!!

  11. Joye Smith
    Joye Smith says:

    That happened with the Neu Lash for me as well. I felt like my lashes went back…so I bought a new tube and they grew again. So weird…I agree I think sometimes our lashes might need a break. I bought a tube of the rivitalash and have that one as a back up…
    I enjoyed seeing what you used from this line. I watched Brianna's interview with this line on her channel but always good to hear what someone who is using it thinks. I will be curious how you feel about the serums in a few more months….please do an update !!! Thanks

  12. Just Little Liz
    Just Little Liz says:

    Yes Catalyst comes in Catalyst + which is a lower level! And I agree I will probably pick and choose things to use instead of the whole line. I'm still a little iffy if I really believe you need the water to activate. I felt no difference in texture at least when using a rose water spray. But I know unless I'm in a lab I won't tell if it's really "activated".

  13. kim f
    kim f says:

    Are you liking the Bobbi Brown better than the Lancôme and Giorgio Armani color corrector? Also, I take it you are using the Bobbi Brown as your eye cream and concealer? Sorry! Confused!! Thank you!

  14. kim f
    kim f says:

    Hi Mandy! So, you are wearing a concealer over the Bobbi Brown? If you are using the Bobbi Brown just as a serum, what color are you using? Thank you so much!

  15. kim f
    kim f says:

    I'm probably repeating myself, but what are you currently using under your eye concealer? As of now, what is your favorite concealer/color corrector? Thanks once again for all of your help/suggestions!

  16. Monica Kreissig
    Monica Kreissig says:

    Thank you for yet another great, honest video!! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out!! I find your honest reviews refreshing instead of just saying that everything is "amazingggg" 😜

  17. Alyssa Lines
    Alyssa Lines says:

    Thanks for your honest opinion, I have my eyes on their Clarify Vit A blemish serum (has mandelic & lactic acid in it)….thinking of trying instead of Good Genes (which burns my face). What eye shadows are you wearing at the beginning? Your blue eyes are poppin!

  18. Mari
    Mari says:

    Hi, Mandy 🙂 Love your honest and informative reviews! For your normal skin type is good even two acid treatments + Vit A/Ret. at the same time, but for those with sensitive/dry skin might be better to use just one acid/retinol product at the same time :)? Osmosis line sounds great, but even if they advertised so, their Renew A Serum is not the only retinol product on the market, which does not damage the outer layer of your skin; even the Ordinary has same kind of product: Advanced Retinoid 2%. It might not be just as effective, but it still works well and is really fraction of the price too 😉 Osmosis Eye Serum sounds good, though! Did you say earlier, that you didn't like new Becca Bronzers? Which are your new/current faves? Love your recs! And love my Hourglass Nude Bronzer too, but would also like to find new darker bronzer with sheen for summer (Diffused Light, maybe)?

  19. Beverly Saylor
    Beverly Saylor says:

    Hi Mandy, this was much appreciated as I have been very curious about this line. Man, there are some die-hard fans of this line. I'm still kind of on the fence….I'm glad I didn't purchase it….what kind of turns me of is this "activator" spray that you have to rub in too. The brand isn't as expensive as some I've seen but there's just "something" about it…maybe I watched that Brianna video with that lady too many times! That whole thing with the Retin-A….and if you don't have the peeling how do you know it's working? Or getting rid of that layer of skin? From what I understand that is suppose to be "bad"…I love my Sanitis (sp?) peeling cream, I can really see a difference with that. It will be interesting to see how the Vitamin C continues to work for you? Do you think your skin is better because of Osmosis? It will really probably take a few more months to tell.
    Thanks for your always honest opinion!! Love ya! xxoo

  20. Nguyen Ngoc
    Nguyen Ngoc says:

    Thanks for sharing your night time skin care routine. Very interesting 👍🏽. I never shave my face but I want to try now because of you. Maybe just haft of the face first. Hope it won't break me out. 😂

  21. Lisa Hilton
    Lisa Hilton says:

    Awesome clip-great information and as always love seeing you and love your vibe. Have not tried any of the Osmosis line yet have been curious! Thanks for doing this! Also using the Blue Tansy (Thanks to you mentioning it in a favorites months back). I use it once a week and love it. Got into The Ordinary line a several months back and do see a noticeable difference in my skin-it looks a bit tighter and 'happier"! I use the "Buffet" serum and the Hyaluronic Acid. Also just ordered the Alpha Arbutin-waiting on it now. Have you tried it? Hoping it will help with evening out skin tone and brightening. After watching this clip I will purchase the Osmosis eye serum. Thanks Miss Mandy for all the information. Much love and happy skin to you and all! 😘

  22. Andrea Baker
    Andrea Baker says:

    I have been waiting so patiently for this video Mandy!!! Thanks for your reviews. So I'm "normal" dehydrated now and started out using the quench + moisturizer with the growth factor serum and I was having so much trouble with lacking moisture using that in place of my normal elemis cream am and pm. I agree with you 100% it's definitely lacking moisture!!! I was dry and flaky which I never am. My makeup was not laying nicely and initially adding those 2 to my normal routine I went thorough a few weeks of purging. Not severe but the growth factor definitely seemed to be turning over cells and pushing stuff out. That or he clear + activating mist being antibacterial and antifungal was clearing my pores out. I then only used the quench + at night and added half and half with my elemis cream. Also I purchased the epidermal repair serum and started using at night only. I have been using those 3 items for the past 6-8 weeks I would say and I am quite happy with my skin. Acne is significantly reduced! My 37 yr old skin texture has significantly smoothed out, my pores are tighter and overall complexion just nicer I just purchased the vitamin A "correct" level 3 as I am normal but have not used retin A products other than my Sunday Riley Luna has some type of retin A properties I think. So I'm happy to hear you like the A. I did not try the other serum you are using but was interested and may still try it eventually. So In my opinion I really like everything I've tried except the quench +. I would also be interested in the one you add to your moisturizer to make it more moisturizing, I think it's an oil base. So that's my mini review !!!!!
    Also Mandy you can unscrew the top of your serums to see how much is left. When the moisturizer runs out make sure you do that because a lot gets left in the bottle!!! Hope that helps.

  23. kim f
    kim f says:

    Great video Mandy! This is an off-the-wall question, but do you use a makeup mirror? I've been looking for one and although there are a lot of them out there, it is very hard because I am farsighted so I want one that isn't going to have any distortion. Any suggestions?

  24. Jerry S
    Jerry S says:

    Thank you so much for your detailed review! Do you have or will you be trying the Osmosis CC cream, concealer, powder, etc.? Thanks!

  25. melissa63881
    melissa63881 says:

    Thank you for this review😀 After I watched this video I went and bought the replenish serum and the activating mist I can't wait to use them tonight, I also bought the blue tansy mask😀

  26. Teri Sellers
    Teri Sellers says:

    thanks for the video Mandy…I saw Brianna's video and was looking at ordering some products. I will def try the eye serum and the Vitamin A serum as well.

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