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Today we have an updated BRIDAL makeup tutorial! This is a semi dramatic wedding makeup look that still looks groomed and timeless, not over the top. What makeup would you wear to your wedding?
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Save 20% on your entire cart, including All Natural & Organic Self Tanning Lotion that's actually good for your skin! Simply use coupon code: VIXEN20 at checkout! Limited time only at: VOGENIX.COM

22 replies
  1. keri kuwaii
    keri kuwaii says:

    I got engaged May 2018 and we got married in December 2018. We wanted a short engagement because we had been together for 4 years. It was super stressful tbh and it was a struggle finding a venue. My biggest tip for anyone getting married is that if you don’t have a wedding planner, which I didn’t, you should definitely try to at least have a wedding director like someone to be in charge of telling everyone where to go and what to do. That made a huge difference in my wedding day bc I could let go of control a little and just focus on being a bride ♥️

  2. azyvixen
    azyvixen says:

    Omg I just have to comment because I feel like other people can relate as well. I got married 2 years ago and makeup was my biggest concern. I’m a make up artist and I’m so super particular about my own makeup, and I take soo much pride in it. Was convinced that I was gonna do it myself, but had everyone telling me “ Oh its your wedding ya know.. you’re supposed to be relaxed! “ So I decided on getting a person do my makeup and regretted it! Think it was my biggest regret ever. Honestly think that especially it’s your wedding, it’s only right that you do it because you’re SO good at it and you’re the only person who knows what works for your face best! 💗

  3. Sheree Watt
    Sheree Watt says:

    9 months from our engagement (he proposed in dubai) until our wedding on the 4th of may this year. First dance was donna taggart this i promise you. Not many had heard of it but the words are amazing.

  4. Amy Sousa
    Amy Sousa says:

    My fiancé and I got engaged last autumn and it'll be a year and a half long engagement. I think it's a really good amount of time as we didn't have to plan anything for a few months. Now we're done with most of the big stuff and just need to send invites out so we can confirm seating, dress alterations and a week before get the flowers ordered. I'm doing my own makeup even though I'm not a makeup artist. I have a go-to for special events and I know no one is going to do a better job than myself on my own face based on what I like

  5. Joy Hartman
    Joy Hartman says:

    My husband and I where together for 5 years before he proposed. Engaged for less than 3 months. Had our wedding on my MILs property for under $500-$800 (if you include food and our fancy cupcakes). I wore a dress I already owned and loved, he wore a grey suit that he had fitted. We had 20 people max with our close friends who could come. It was perfect 💜

  6. Raquel Unterslak
    Raquel Unterslak says:

    We were engaged for 19 months before we got married. I feel like anyone who plans their wedding in less that a year is insane! Unless you have a wedding planner maybe… but doing it yourself when you're both working full time is a lot of work.

  7. Danyelle Bridge
    Danyelle Bridge says:

    Offically dating 21st of April 2012, engaged 20th April 2016, married 3 years later on 20th April 2019 🥰 we wanted to get married close to our anniversary and were lucky the dates all worked out haha. I needed a long engagement too because planning things gives me so much anxiety.

  8. Alice
    Alice says:

    After being a gf for 11 years I only spent 4.5 months being engaged. The main reason was so that we could get married on Anzac Day so we’d always have a public holiday on our anniversary. Also autumn is great for weddings – not too hot, not too cold.

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