Laser Hair Removal

HD FX Makeup Tutorial! Want to look like you just stepped out of a Hellraiser movie? Stay tuned!

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• Products used in this tutorial:
Mehron Spirit Gum
Mehron Synwax
Liquid Latex
Latex Bald Cap
Toilet Tissue Paper
Super Star water colours in White, Black and Medium Blue
Wolf Hydro Colour in Dark Blue
M.A.C. Fluid Line in Black Track
Black Hairspray
Superstar Fake Stage Blood
Rubber barbedwire from

•Contact lens by
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• Music by Kevin MacLeod (
• Sound Effect by

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45 replies
  1. Sloth The 7th
    Sloth The 7th says:

    I was just heading to bed when I saw your Thumbnail, and I was like "Oh… did Pinkstylist do a Hellraiser make up tutorial?" (Hellraiser is actually my favourite horror movie and series.) and dove right in. I blame you for the little more lack of sleep Ill be getting BUT I love what you did. I am an aspiring costumer (make all strictly horror themed outfits for myself and for the haunt I work for) and this work you did gets the fluids moving. Keep it up! I need to make sure your stuff stays on my feed cause for sometime there its been buried so Ill see about fixing that!

  2. nolageek
    nolageek says:

    If you want to DIY some barbed wire you can do so with just some string or twine. Take a very long piece of wire (however long you need it to be) and then tie 2-3 inch peices in knots at about 6 inch intervals. Drag the "barbed wire" throw some thinned glue and then when dry, cut the individual "barbs" to about a quarter of an inch long. Spray paint the whole thing silver and there you go. 🙂

  3. Andre Toulon
    Andre Toulon says:

    Love your demon makeups that look like they could be Cenobites. Have you done, or been asked to do any of the actual Cenobites? The top 4 being Pinhead, the Female, Chattering Cenobite, and Butterball? PLEASE DO ONE !!!!

  4. skitzo the clown
    skitzo the clown says:

    Dude I wish I was a quarter as good as you with horror make up… You should do a horror movie or a short movie or something… Your good as fuck… Shit ever thought abt going to the gather of the juggalos??? Ud get mad love

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