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I got requests to do this video pretty much immediately after Kylie Jenner announced her new skincare line Kylie Skin. So, here it is! These are my real thoughts on her skincare products and daily routine. What do you think of Kylie Skin? Let me know in the comments!

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Michelle Phan’s Skincare Routine Reaction:
Jackie Aina’s Skincare Routine Reaction:

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Top (similar):
Lipstick (in “Cupid’s Kiss”):

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Mixed Makeup:
Susan Yara:

Susan Yara:
Mixed Makeup:


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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

47 replies
  1. Paige O'Brien
    Paige O'Brien says:

    The only reason I buy makeup wipes is for cleaning up accidents while doing my makeup. Like if I mess up my liner, eyebrows, lips, etc. Other than that I don't use them to remove makeup. And since I use them only for that reason 1 pack lasts me months, sometimes up to a year.

  2. Jade Ava
    Jade Ava says:

    Kylie reminds me of unseasoned food or cold sticky bland noodles… Or just a cup of water that’s been sitting out overnight. Like watching paint dry.

  3. Andrew Ross
    Andrew Ross says:

    SUSAN! Please let me know what you think about her Vitamin C serum! Also have you tried Dr. Bronner's Viramin C serum? It's ingredients list is near identical to Skinceuticals CE Ferulic except hyaluronic acid is higher on the list 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Fay Sa
    Fay Sa says:

    Mrs Yara.. regarding your comments on this products, especially one comment is MISSING.
    A major problem with peelings is one ingredient: microplastic. If you would check this product, you would see that it contains most of usual peelings and other products.. a major NO GO.
    you are welcome to educate yourself on that and include it in your next videos.. 👍

  5. materidouska286
    materidouska286 says:

    Oh yes she surely went for the branding – all is pink, Millenial, catchy, very Kylie – where I come from we call it tacky, kitchy, tasteless… the whole thing makes me cringe, but yeah, I don´t belong to that market segment so I should probably shut up.
    ( Do REALLY teen girls believe she uses her own skin care line ?)

  6. Ana Banana
    Ana Banana says:

    Reading the comments down here makes me wonder if people have actually watched the video? Susan for the most part seems satisfied with the products (except for obvious ones like the walnut scrub). I am by no means a Kylie Jenner fan but sometimes I have the feeling that people sometimes hate just so they can hate.

  7. Elly D.
    Elly D. says:

    it's interesting that my dermatologist doesn't recommend tonners for oily skin because she says: "Toners narrow the pores and the natural sebum gets stuck inside them, making the skin keep inside the unreleased oil – [which goes against the natural process (of releasing oil)] and this causes pimples as well".
    I'm not a fan of toners actually, because it does feel like my pores are closed after using them and it's hard to soak the moisturizer. It feels like the moisturizer stays on top of my skin without penetrating the pores.

  8. Melanie Harris
    Melanie Harris says:

    Ok, so you’re a bit hypocritical. I just watched a video where you said you don’t need eye cream and you don’t use it. Now you use eye cream with Kylie’s products. Please go back though your videos and remain consistent with your information.

  9. usy ysu
    usy ysu says:

    so we shouldn't use cheap physical exfoliants because they cause microtears basically hurting your skin but we should use expensive dermaroller which causes micro abrasion basically hurts your skin however these hurtings would increase cell turnover n physical exfoliator ones wouldn't. wow can someone teach skincare to me I don't understand shitt

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