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WISHING TO TRY Some LATEST MEHNDI DESIGNS for Eid,widding,dewali that are stunning and yet trendy? In this video you will see the latest mehndi designs that you can try out during ramzaan.
Applying Mehendi on the hands and the feet is an age old tradition. Mehndi is applied on many occasions and its popularity is increasing each day. From homemakers to celebrities, all of them adore the intricate designs and use them to draw the attention of others. In this modern era, henna designs are improving. We can find different variations starting from simple ones to the most trendy and artistic ones, which steal the hearts of many. The year 2016 has emerged with the most unique and attractive Mehndi latest designs, which can be applied and flaunted for almost any occasion.
Mehndi designs 2016 welcomes popular Arabic, Pakistani and Indian Mehndi designs. There are many kinds of Mehndi which vary in colour. Black, red and red Colored Mehendi is used to create eye-catching patterns. Black Mehendi is commonly used in India, Pakistan and Arab countries. Red Mehendi is also much in demand all over the world. It is used by many women during festivals, weddings and other occasions. Nowadays Red Colored Mehndi has become a craze among young girls.

In the past Mehendi designs mainly included mesh work, leaves, vines, flowery patterns, shaded designs and peacock motifs. 2016 brings us a wonderful blending of traditional patterns and current trendy symbols to create a unique form of art. An array of colors, sequins, acrylic nails and metal dust are added to give a sensational touch to the latest Mahanadi design.

When it comes to beautifying your hands and feet with henna, there is always some curiosity about latest mehndi designs for hands. There are many styles of mehndi application. If you look at the Arabic style, a lot of floral patterns and henna strip designs are used to decorate the hands. Marwari mehndi is a popular choice for brides because of the intricacy involved in it.

The latest mehndi designs for hands use glitters of beautiful, different colors that add glamour and style to the design. Black mehndi too is a new style that adds clarity to the design with its deep black outlining. Mehndi designs have evolved over the years, keeping in mind the requirements of the new generation. The Latest design of mehndi on the hands, involves pasting of diamond shaped stones onto the pattern to enhance the beauty of the hands.

The use of peacocks and flowers with different shapes are gaining popularity in the field of latest design of mehndi. Nowadays, brides love the latest full hand mehndi design that reaches up to the arm, and sets them apart. With the growing demands of society, the latest hand mehndi designs are increasing day by day. Amateur students can also try out many of these henna designs.

The use of shimmer or glitter is an addition to the mehndi design 2015. Not only this, but there is a variety of latest mehndi designs 2015 to choose from like, the use of rhinestones, which give the hands a stunning look.

For all henna lovers, don’t miss out on some exotic designs! Mehndi designs latest patterns have caught the eyes of enthusiasts who want to try their hands on different styles. Please go ahead and try out this design
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