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Hello there! Welcome back for another the cw RIVERDALE series of hairstyles inspired by TONI TOPAZ! You can create a temporary colour transformation with rose gold/pink locks and play with textured waves & edgy braids! Make sure to follow me on dote to shop Toni Style:

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I want to know in the comments what is your fav style from todays video / who you ship from the show… CHONI OBVI! Love Cheryl Blossom lol

I loooove Vanessa Morgan and she was nice enough to comment on my recreation of her as cheerleader Toni! Let’s tweet this video, maybe she’ll see how much we love her as Toni!

PLEASE READ: As for my lil truth bomb in todays video, I really hope learning that I’ve had feelings for girls and guys is not seen as shocking or clickbait cause when have i ever done that – it just is part of who I am. I’ve kept my feelings under wraps for a long time and it has only harboured guilt and caused me to be very closed off in many of my relationships.

I feel so lucky to live in a time with mainstream pop culture is representing more and more diversity and I realized it was no longer a social climate holding me back from living my life how I wanted, it was myself after growing up with peers who seemed really against girl & girl love lol. While it can be hard to tell family and friends something maybe uncomfortable, I feel I can be more open and honest and give myself the best chance at happiness with this in the open. I’m quite a private person but if I can be another person to broaden the bi label then I’m glad to. Do what you love, love who you love xo

If you haven’t seen my Cheryl Blossom, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge & Josie and The Pussycats hairstyles based off of Riverdale season 1, check it out here as well as MORE RIVERDALE tutorials!

(including Cheryl & Veronica Makeup Hair & Outfits – make sure you give this video a thumbs up for a full TONI TOPAZ tutorial with makeup, more hair & fashion inspiration!)


(if you try out these looks be sure to tag me & use the hashtag #JMakeupDay so I can look through your posts and spam ya!! )





More info on all the products used to create their looks listed below!


Aritzia Distressed Grey Tee
Accessories from Claire’s
Faux Leather Jacket from Topshop
High Waisted Black Shorts – no idea and like from grade 9 and too tight lmao

Baseball tee from h&m
Short Shorts from Forever21
You know I was dancing to Curious by Hayley Kiyoko haha

Back bodysuit from Topshop
choker from forever21

Sheer Crop top from Forever21 workout section
Layered necklaces from Forever21
Hair rings from Topshop!

HAIR PRODUCTS (in pretty much all of my hair tutorials) Living Proof Dry Spray heat protectant
OSIS+ Volume Booster Spray
L’OREAL Colourista 1 Day Colour spray, I recommend Pastel pink for lighter hair and hot pink to show up on darker hair! I added in Rose Gold to lighten up some strands as well.

AS MENTIONED IN VIDEO- style hair first, and then add in sprays. The more spray used the harder hair is to work with, so using extensions to spray majority of the colour I found is ideal! Also do not put heat on colour after it is applied, I found this allowed the colour to bond with my actual hair and I have slightly pink hair where I curled over colour lol – don’t do it!! haha

Disclaimer: Not Sponsored, I love RIVERDALE and asked Dote to do a giveaway 🙂 xo


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. Hannah Mulkey
    Hannah Mulkey says:

    Girl I am bi too!! You are amazing and I would never see you as anything less no matter who you are. Always remember to love yourself and be true to you! Also I don’t who I love more Bughead or Choni.

  2. peaachhiie
    peaachhiie says:

    Dang ittttt, I wanted to be Toni for Halloween but instead… I did Serinuma Kae from Kiss him, not me (oof) oh well, I already had the anime stuff and the costume so… ehhhh Ima do Toni for next year :3

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