Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!


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9 Helpful Hair Tools FOR SHORT HAIRSTYLES | Milabu
Who doesn’t love instantaneous results that are beautiful? These hair styling accessories are definitely worth checking out – they’re so fun and some are actually genius! Have you tried any of these and succeeded?

One 0:24
Two 2:50
Three 4:46
Four 6:34
Five 8:28
Six 10:38
Seven 11:44
Eight 13:01
Nine 14:19

Products Used/Mentioned:
EZ- Braider
French Braider
Pompadour Comb
Simple Twist
Spin Pins
***MINI Version
Miracle Grips
The Perfect Half Up Bun
Part Art
Hollywood Roll Hairband

NAILS: Essie Gel Couture “Pre Show Gitters”
Lips: Urban Decay Lipstick “Jilted”
EYELASHES: Eyelure Luxe “Gilded” (I’m obsessed with these – so beautiful)


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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

25 replies
  1. Sylvia Smith
    Sylvia Smith says:

    Spin pins for the win! I have longer hair, but hate to style it, so using spin pins, I can quickly twist my hair into a bun and secure it no problem! I do this after a shower, instead of styling, and let it air dry. Lazy girl must-have

  2. Linda mclean
    Linda mclean says:

    yes that fan shaped braider is the one i had the video made it easier to understand the good thing is is taught me how to do different braids now without the braid tool

  3. Linda mclean
    Linda mclean says:

    i used to have a great braiding tool it was called a braidmaster and was shaped like a fan it was easy to use and u got an instructional video with it id love to get it again your hair is the same length as mine

  4. Ro Bren62
    Ro Bren62 says:

    I love the spin pins! I’ve had them in the past, stupidly got rid of them when I cut it short, then found them marked down and bought more. I have shoulder length hair and can keep it all up with one spin pin! (I have very thin hair.)

  5. Jennifer Shatts
    Jennifer Shatts says:

    I have used a tool similar to product number 7 to make a french twist with descent results. I had to modify it to be shorter for shorter/thinner hair by cutting off the ends so it was easier to hide. I would love to see a french twist tool or tutorial video.

  6. Lillian Bowen
    Lillian Bowen says:

    You are adorable. I have long hair and I'm always looking for hair styles that keep my hair looking well groomed and out of my face. As a registered nurse I believe it's important to keep my hair off my patients and not block my vision. Strong work young lady. I'll also share this, you can tell a lot about a woman by the way she cares for her hair. This means she has many good qualities.

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