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In today’s video, I am reviewing the entire NEW collection from Colourpop . The Baby Got Peach collection is filled with all peach yumminess and I’m excited to share my thoughts on this collection🍑🍑 Have A WONDERFUL Labor Day Weekend❤ XOXO

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👉Intro 0:00 – 2:58
👉Tutorial #1 3:04 – 9:48
👉Mascara, Eyeliner, Lip Scrub, & Lippies 9:50 – 13:06
👉Blushes 13:15 – 14:16
👉Tutorial #2 14:22 – 18:54
👉Tutorial #3 18:59 – 21:20
👉Swatches of Palette 21:27 – 24:21
👉Final Thoughts 24:28 – 29:05

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

26 replies
  1. Ava Maria
    Ava Maria says:

    Pretty looks! I too hate the glitter!! I had to go to the eye doctor to have some glitter removed from my eye because I tried to get it out for 5 days and couldn’t! I will never use it again!

  2. Piccoloprincipe pink
    Piccoloprincipe pink says:

    I love Colourpop and I really like this collection, but I was wondering if the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette could be a good substitute for this peachy palette. What do you think? Unfortunately I will not buy from Colourpop until they find a distributor in Europe, because customs fees are very high and Colourpop is no more affordable.

  3. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    I don't know if you care about my opinion or not but i dont think ive ever seen a palette that wasn't flattering on you – but this one – the first look – isn't for you. – Which is weird because I thought it would look great on you because of your light complexion and the weird thing is I just saw a girl with a darker complexion and Brown eyes like me using it and it looked much better on her so I'm gonna say that about this look and then tell you what I think about your 2nd look. Im just in shock but I don't find this 1st look is knocking my socks off like most of your looks do – ha – I guess it just proves that you're human like the rest of us lol

  4. Tracie Warren
    Tracie Warren says:

    Peach is definitely your color!! I love it too. I wear colors I like all year, not just by season. However, while I like ColourPop, I don’t care for these monochromatic palettes coupled with the glitters, no way for me. You always do such a thorough job on your videos, and it is so appreciated!💗💗💗💗

  5. Nicole Wily
    Nicole Wily says:

    Love the Supershock shadows in the Peaches collection and the liners are excellent! The Supershock shadows are easy to use and the three colors go well together.
    I got one of the peach blushes and it's really pigmented!
    I ended up giving the eye shadow palette away based on this review..

  6. Smiley B
    Smiley B says:

    I typically love ColourPop and have many of their products. But now I am just burned out on all their releases. Like, jeez. It’s like someone making the same joke over and over…initially it’s cool, but then you just want to tell them to sit and shhhh!!

  7. audrey soriano
    audrey soriano says:

    Hello tara, thank you for this video and I love this little viseard palette. it's true that the colors of the colourpop palette are similar and that there is no darker color.

  8. Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty
    Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty says:

    Good evening 🌇 sweetie. Such a beautiful palette. To like sunset 🌅 colors with a hint of peach. The gloss is good when I don’t want to,wear lipstick and just a gloss. Rise and shine is gorgeous color. But the give me s’more is a natural color. The brush in frisky and your right it’s easy to apply. Colourpop makes such affordable items. I’m glad you addressed the glitter ✨ from the palette. I tend to use a wet brush when using their glitter. I love their super shock shadows. I must have 15 of their super shocks. I should depot them one day. Thank you for the swatches. Aloha 🌺

  9. Briana Thomas
    Briana Thomas says:

    I'm so glad u did this & compared it to the sweet talk, I just ordered the sweet talk & strawberry palettes Thursday so I'm glad I went with that one instead of the peach. I wld still love to see u do a few more looks with the sweet talk palette though.

  10. Paola Owens
    Paola Owens says:

    Hi 🤗 peach looks so good on your skin tone!!!! The “perca” blush is so pretty!
    The second eye look is so pretty and so easy and fast to do!
    I agree that the looks did look very similar…
    that top middle glitter shade 🤦🏻‍♀️ whyyyyy!? What a mess😫

    Hmmmm a lot of the shades look very similar to the sweet talk palette and the petite pro 4 from viseart!!🧐
    I need a felt til applicator now 🤗

  11. Cyndi Crain
    Cyndi Crain says:

    Hi Tara Lynn, I have a question that I am asking a few of my favorite makeup experts, so here goes— is it a realistic expectation for mature women to be able to get their makeup to look smooth and flawless in a 10x mirror or am I just making myself crazy? I can get it looking good in a regular mirror and a 3x, but once I look into my 10x lighted mirror, it can be scary. I really need perspective on this. Thank you so much! I really enjoy your presentations.

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