Laser Hair Removal

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SFX Specific look using cotton, latex, and alcohol activated colors.

Song is Cosomonaut by Nomster- Check out his other music at:

Guest appearances by the beautiful batalash ladies, Jkissa and Samantha.

Headband by

Thanks to for letting me use her studio to film!

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25 replies
  1. FlameWolf 800
    FlameWolf 800 says:

    Lmao okay so I’m 17 and my little brothers 8 and he was in the room when I whatched this and when she said put the scab blood all around the mouth area he asked if that was what the bloods called when you pick a scab 😂😂😂😂

  2. Chloe Angela
    Chloe Angela says:

    I’ve been on a binge recently and I’ve watched most of your old videos even though I’ve seen them a million times over the years; and I just have to say that it’s so crazy to see how much your content has progressed and how you seem so much more comfortable on camera compared to in this video and your other earlier videos. It’s been so cool to watch your journey. I remember when you had less than 70k zombaes and now there’s so many of us! 💕

  3. Ashley Paige
    Ashley Paige says:

    Hi I’m watching this 5 years late (it’s 2019 this was posted 2014) coincidentally it’s in the same month, I don’t know about the day of the month though.

  4. darkydarkv
    darkydarkv says:

    I've never done FX makeup… It looks easy, sort of depending on how your doing it, but I bet actually trying to do it will be complicated… But can you use regular fake blood if you don't have scab blood?

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