Laser Hair Removal

Get ready to glue forever. You can find the rest of my seven deadly sins series on my instagram!

Liquid Glycerin
Makeup Forever Gold Metal Powder
Duo lash glue in clear
Craft store rhinestones, various sizes
Flutter lashes in Vanessa

Song is Switchblade by Serenity

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44 replies
  1. Maria Santos
    Maria Santos says:

    Okay, so Mykie did-
    & I guess Envy?
    because of the Barbie Pre and Post surgery look she did, I'm not sure. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
    Now all we need is
    & Pride
    That would be cool

  2. April Romanek
    April Romanek says:

    Lol I literally almost asked you what inspired this look until I re-read the title,however, what really inspired you. I understand Greed but where is this coming from?

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