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This look is amazing on all skin tones! Pale skin, porcelain skin, medium skin, tan skin, dark skin, light skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin and the list goes on!
I noticed a huge interest in sugar skulls this halloween and a lot of people were doing semi hard looking ones so I thought I would do a simple last minute sugar skull makeup & hair tutorial for all you ladies or men out there who dont have hours to spend on makeup and hair before going out :)I really hope you enjoyed this simple last minute halloween sugar skull makeup & hair tutorial!

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Face paint =

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  1. Lovely One
    Lovely One says:

    Shot out to u Caitlyn! Thanks so much for the comment and support, I can't wait to grow also thanks again u was my first comment other than my husband and it means a lot all of what u said to me!!!

  2. BeautyPOP
    BeautyPOP says:

    OMG I absolutely LOVE this look!!! It's so beautiful and easy. I was jut thinking a flower crown would look beautiful with this look as well. Just subscribed!!!

  3. MissMarieKO
    MissMarieKO says:

    I wish I had seen this video last halloween when I was looking for last minute costume ideas. I love how you made it simple enough that anyone can do it, but still look spooky/cute.

  4. andthentherewasbri
    andthentherewasbri says:

    I want to do this every year for halloween but always change my mind at the last second and decide to be a CAT! LOL! You did a beautiful job! Subbed! Do you mind subbing back?

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