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Subscribe to my channel here: Show Me if you try this mint mani done with hand painted stripes using my striping brush! You can get them at title your email: brush info! and I will be sending them myself internationally! If you are a beginner trying to learn how to use a striping brush or are a career nail technician who wants to extend your education and learn the art of free hand nail art, join me and try this mint manicure for long Nails on yourself, or do this Design on your friends or clients with this Tutorial! If you do, tag them #mintmanifortalia and go to to learn more on how to help or how to get your mani seen while helping to raise awareness for children with cancer! Share your work on links below!

Polish Used
OPI: put it in neutral
Twila True: pick up line
all acrylic paints by apple barrel or folk art 😀 that is it! cheap and fun!

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

29 replies
  1. Connie Flewellyn
    Connie Flewellyn says:

    Robin, just an FYI about grandmas. I was a grandma at 35, thanks to a daughter who became a mom at 15. That daughter became a grandma at 30, thanks to my grand-daughter who became a mom at 15 also! Just saying! BTW, I love this manicure!

  2. Shirley Dodgen
    Shirley Dodgen says:

    Robin I love watching you . I'm 70 yrs of age and I love doing my own nails. I have a very small nail bed so most of you designs I can't do. Of course I can't afford the brushes that you use. But I'm a glitter freak so I'm told but that's me . I like and I try mixing different glitters to together. My favorite glitter is the Swarovski. But I can't find it and you said it was expensive so that's out. I just tried for the first time magnetic polish and I fell in love. Also I'm saving up to get more colors than just the blue. I want to try the foil also. Well I love watching you on YouTube and try the things I can afford. I just bought 3 brushes for to try the striping. So wish me luck and I like hearing you and Juicy laugh. Y'all make my day. Thanks Robin and Juicy.

  3. Valerie Harris
    Valerie Harris says:

    Robin I am the say way about the G word lol my Gbabies call me MeeMo giggling love your work and enjoy the Gbabies while you can they are like our kids once they are 10 they act as if they dont need us anymore… lol

  4. Stacey Adams
    Stacey Adams says:

    Faeries and unicorns – can't get better than that in the world of nail art! Although condolences to whatever faery clan took the hit when you killed the poor little thing – LOL!!

    I'm wondering about a mint, coffee brown and cream color mani would look like. I'm only suggesting that because I made the mistake of taking a sip of my iced coffee at the same time you made the comment about killing a faery and well, my laptop, blouse and keyboard took a coffee bath. Gorgeous nails as always Robin and congrats to the Juicy Mama!

  5. Nuckey
    Nuckey says:

    He Robin I have just recently discovered you, thanks so much for being an inspiration. My names Ingrid and I watch you from way over here in Central America and I'm spreading the word about you here, my costumes love you! Can you please spell out the spelling of your new channel or place the link somewhere? Thanks again

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