Laser Hair Removal

Got acne and only 5 minutes to do your makeup? No sweat, I got your back.



The Products:

Foundation: MAC Prep & Prime BB Cream
Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair / Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Highlight: The Balm – Mary Lou Manizer
Blusher: Sleek – Rose Gold Blusher
Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade – Taupe
Eyeshadow: NYX True Taupe & Nyx Jumbo Eye pencil in cottage cheese
Mascara: YSL Shocking Mascara
Lipgloss: MeMeMe Cosmetics Hi Shine Lipgloss – #13 Lustre

Camera – Canon 600D
Lens – Tamron 24-70mm
Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro

Licensed via Audio Loops

Mike Stobbie – Pitz Express 3
Licenced Via Audio Network

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35 replies
  1. tima joe
    tima joe says:

    My sweety…Plz dun take my words as criticism but u should really stop using that amount of foundation coz that make ur acne goes worse

  2. Brown_and_Curly_ NE_Girly
    Brown_and_Curly_ NE_Girly says:

    Is it weird that I like that her brushes are super dirty… like most makeup gurus have perfectly clean brushes and it makes me feel bad about mine lol..who has a clean beauty blender?? Nobody lol.. I've when I wash it, it stays dirty!!

  3. daniela rojas
    daniela rojas says:

    This look is lovely, really beautiful and eficient, but no way jose this takes five minutes. I had cystic acne and this would take 15 minutes at best. And im fast at it. This would be 5 minutes if you skip the extra and focus on foundation, concealer, mascara, and brows. Again, the final look is gorgeous and is a good tutorial as a regular tutorial.

  4. S.
    S. says:

    I think you're not even pale, you just do your makeup veeery pale, paler than you actually are sweetheard! Maybe you should try a bronzy makeup look?

  5. Maggie Funck
    Maggie Funck says:

    I love your tutorial, but this is not a look people can do in 5 minutes. The video was 5 minutes after being sped up alot. I do all of this except for bronzer everyday & it takes me atleast 30 minutes.

  6. Ariella Shana
    Ariella Shana says:

    Hi Em! I love your videos, thanks for the new upload! I kinda have a little question why did you use different concealer for break outs and under eye or does it actually not matter if we used the same concealer for both? if you answered it'd make my day..

  7. Tvoy Strah
    Tvoy Strah says:

    Спасибо таким людям, из-за беременности моя кожа стала отвратительной, покрылась прыщами и красными пятнами, стала ужасной. Мне не помогали витамины, процедуры и просто таблетки, благодаря макияжу вы показали как правильно скрыть недостатки, что дало мне уверенности.

  8. Aya Elsayed
    Aya Elsayed says:

    am facing your problem with acne and i can not just go out without make up and foundation ,, oh really this confusing me but we have no another wayyy

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