Laser Hair Removal

I love a great neutral eye with a pop of shimmer! This simple, fresh, cat eye look is great for all eye shapes / colors and is my “Go To” look for any occasion. The subtle pink is so pretty, is reminds me of Cherry blossom trees and is perfect for Spring time.

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PRODUCTS USED (in order of appearance):

1. Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
2. NYX Cosmetics “Adorable” Palette
3. LA Splash loose eyeshadow “Oyster Shell”
4. Motives Cosmetics eye pencil in Suede
5. Cargo Texas Liner
6. Alcone at Home Perfect Liner Pen
7. Tarte “Lights, Camera, Flashes” Mascara
8. House of Lashes lash adhesive
9. Eylure Definition #121 Lashes
10. Sigma “Final Touch” Eye Brightener

Brushes: brown – no name fluffy brush; diffusing edges – Sonia Kashuk crease brush; dark brown – no name small fluffy brush; white & pink – no name flat brush;

LIPS: Gerard Cosmetics “Fairy Godmother” lipstick over Motives Cosmetics lip crayon in Neutral:



DISCLAIMER: Some products featured in this video were provided by said companies for my use and consideration. All opinions are my own.

NEW Snapchat: MaryamNYC — FOLLOW ME for a more personal experience. Send me your questions and requests!

HAPPY Makeup-ing!!!

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  1. Intuitive Diane
    Intuitive Diane says:

    Honestly this would have to be one of the best makeup videos I've come across! I look forward to learning from you. SO many you tubers are so quick to do a big 'sell' and so wonderful you offer real education and great technique. Thank you so much x

  2. Intuitive Diane
    Intuitive Diane says:

    Hi Maryam so glad to find someone who does makeup on youtube. So many youtubers have forgotten to really show application, etc. I look forward to being your new subscriber 🙂 x


    Excellent job! I love how you take your time and explain every single step to us so there is no questions to be asked when you're finished.. Not to mention you are very beautiful to start with.. You also tell us what each and every product is and what color so in case we like it and think it will look good on us we can go buy it as well..
    My only question I keep asking with the few tutorials I've watched is:
    There are a variety of types of shadows such as MATTE, METALLIC, FROSTED OR SHIMMERY SHOULD I SAY, ETC… SHINY, And what ever other types there are… But my question is…. How do you know which ones to use together or not together… Do you mix them..are the shimmers only used for evening or dressy occasions, can you mix the flatness of a matte with the shimmer or mettalic And if you can, on which part of the eye Do you use each one? I've just been playing it by ear and mixing which ones I wanted together going by color… I do know the brow color for me I use a shimmery one always and my inner corner as well… After that I just play it by ear and they always turnout good.. And I've been getting compliments on my makeup ever since I started wearing it.. But if knowing the right way to mix them will only enhance the end result, I would most definitely like to know how to do it right! I would appreciate your input.. Again, beautiful job!

  4. Debra Wolf
    Debra Wolf says:

    Love this! Tried it today. Do you or anyone have recommendations for which layers to remove for a lighter feel? Its hard for me to wear all that shadow but I LOVE the look.

  5. Felisa Charlette
    Felisa Charlette says:

    My fav brush is on sale!! I bought my own long ago and it is worth a lot
    It assist me to make my makeup flawless, enjoy it! I didn`t understand much about make-up before, but i love to view tutorials and try to find out. So i decided to buy this brush set to assist me, and it did work well. I enjoy my brush, you guys should try it too. It provide free shipping too!

  6. Gulnaz D.
    Gulnaz D. says:

    Hi Maryam! I found your channel and was sooo happyyy!!! Thanks for your tutorial))) I don't know do you know Bashkir or Russian language, for this reason write you in English. Good luck***

  7. Marylove
    Marylove says:

    Thank you ever so much, beautiful clear delivery. I have always been uneasy to wear false lashes, but after this tutorial I feel super brave⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️rock on!

  8. Nash C
    Nash C says:

    Found you via Maybelline's snapchat then added you in SC and now a subby! And you actually replied to my SC message, you're awesome! Your cheekbones are to die for😍👌🏼 lots of love❤️

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