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Hang out with us for a Sunday funday! We are spending the day with family eating at shake shack, a super fun family BBQ and game night with our new favorite game!!

Here is the SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: (Havens Lane 🎶) with all of the songs/music Hunter uses in our VLOGS! Go give it a follow!

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. Nessie James
    Nessie James says:

    I found your channel by looking up home decor videos! I came across your home decor haul I think it was and fell in love with you and hunter. You guys are so awesome and I admire the love you share! 💓@nessiejames

  2. Bobbie Marie
    Bobbie Marie says:

    I found your channel on my suggested ! I love home decor, fashion, and vlogs! And I fell in love ! Your life style is so interesting! There’s never a dull moment, I love that you guys are raw and don’t cut out any fights, you’re real. And the food 🙂


  3. Michelle Chiudina
    Michelle Chiudina says:

    I love code names!!! You guys should play werewolf! Super fun game, kinda like mafia (if you’ve ever heard of that – it’s an app on your phone). Also I found your page when I was searching house tours and saw your beautiful Texas home!


  4. Elizabeth Davis Vlogs
    Elizabeth Davis Vlogs says:

    My mom actually introduced me to you both! The first video she showed me was Hawaii part one. It was love at first sight! Lol insta- @elizabethdavisxo ☺️💙 love you two! Have fun in Nash!!!

  5. Jasmine Phillips
    Jasmine Phillips says:

    I found your channel when I was looking up marketing videos. I stumbled along your day in the life of a marketing manager. Loved that and the rest of your content! IG: elocin_9520 😊

  6. Fatima Cadeiras
    Fatima Cadeiras says:

    I found you while searching for tutorials for fine, thin hair about 3 years ago, have not missed a single video since then (not leaving my IG handle as I am on holidays atm and cannot pack one extra item in my suitcase, just wanted you to know I love you and have been a loyal follower for a long time), good luck to everyone else xx

  7. Emma Coster
    Emma Coster says:

    I found you guys from sophia tuxford raving about how she's currently obsessed with y'all videos on her ig story!! Now I'm in love with not only sophia and cinzias content but also yours! x @emmacosterr

  8. Aubrey P
    Aubrey P says:

    my insta is aubreyannaaa! i found your channel through a girl named noel labb saying how she heard you talking about the kiels face cream! i found your 2018 favs vid and have been obsessed since!

  9. Karah Van Kammen
    Karah Van Kammen says:

    I think the first video I watched was the Amazon Home decor haul (or one of your first hauls for the new house) and have been following for a little over a year! xoxo – @kvankambam

  10. Zoe d
    Zoe d says:

    i found your channel by searching vlogmas this thanksgiving break haha !! i watched all of the old vlogmas videos and was hooked & watched all the rest of y’all’s videos <3
    IG: zoedomme

  11. Raquel Villatoro
    Raquel Villatoro says:

    Honestly I could’ve watched you all playing codenames forever! My roommates and I would play that in college on random nights with an added twist (🍻) sooo fun!

    My first video was your second spritz and chips a year ago and have been hooked ever since! I did go back and watch a couple older videos but have watched every one after that for sure😂 love y’all💖 @rachelabby

  12. Megan Neves
    Megan Neves says:

    The first video I watched was your boho home decor! After that, I went a litttttle crazy and binged all the videos! And found out you guys were also from the Bay like me! I've been watching you both ever since! 🙂 @Megnevz

  13. Megan Punter
    Megan Punter says:

    Stumbled across your channel from either a misguided or boohoo haul you did a few months back! Then YouTube suggested your night time routine and that’s how I became obsessed with you guys! I’m still pretty young but you guys are goals and inspire me to have my stuff together!!! Love vlog week, love that you guys always consistently have content! Xo 🥰

  14. elizabethjkline
    elizabethjkline says:

    You came up as a recommended video and it was one of your get ready or unready with me vids and I was obsessed. Then I watched basically every video you ever posted. ALSO I remember finding your Hawaii vlogs around the time my fiancé and I started planning our Kauai honeymoon which was super helpful! Love you guys 💕

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