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Subscribe to my channel here: And try this fall leaf nail design for short nails on a dark blood red polish. Full of Autumn colors with a touch of elegant brown, orange and reds, these nails will set the tone for the fall season! This design is nail art for beginners or for pro techs who want to further their nail art education with hand painted nail designs and enhance their career in the nail industry! Show this to a friend, family member, nail tech or your nail school instructor and learn the wonderful world of freehand nail art! Share the playlist and have a wonderful Fall! Show me this Nail Tutorial! Share it on my instagram:

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

40 replies
  1. Genna Gean
    Genna Gean says:

    Love your artwork! I painted walls/murals/faux finishing years ago. But have never painted anything as tiny as nails before. (not so detailed). Wow, people are really glitzin' up their nails more than they did years ago. Who knew…You did! I have been watching your videos for at least 3 hours today. So inspired that Ive ordered some brushes, etc.. on Ebay. Cant wait for them to get here so I can try a few of these techniques. Thanks!

  2. Robin Moses Nail Art
    Robin Moses Nail Art says:

    there is something about the doctor and ….that we just crack each other up..i think we both are really crazy….she sees blood all day and i listen to tearful stories. LOL we let LOOSE on each other.

  3. laughalot46
    laughalot46 says:

    can i just tell you that you're my nail art inspiration? you're designs are SO inspiring, i am totally in love with all of them!
    and you & your clients in the background ALWAYS make me laugh! you're all so entertaining, hahaha!

  4. NiceNailsbeauty
    NiceNailsbeauty says:

    Can i pain the acrilic nails with polish and then gel or what can i do to make a nice desings like you? Do you speak spanish? is to hard for me explain my self writting in english.

  5. salkovina
    salkovina says:

    I wish I was the doctor you were painting the nails of… I told the manicurist I went to today to go watch your channel! Oops! Was that mean? I think I was just helping her out!! 🙂


    Comme toujours Robin Moses nous émerveille et nous surprend. C'est une réelle artiste, du goût on peut toujours en avoir, c'est déjà une qualité, mais là il est question d'idées, et là il s'agit d'un don. God bless you Robin. thank's for your job we are looking for. Kisses from Israel

  7. GettingNailed
    GettingNailed says:

    Sooo funny. Pull the earplugs out of my ears to answer a question while watching this video, and I hear from the plugs on the table all the cackling of you two!!! Sharing your joy! LMAO

  8. Angie Pixell
    Angie Pixell says:

    Hey robin! I love your designs so much! Will you please do a breast cancer awareness nail art for the month of October? Many people are victims and I think it would be great especially for October!

  9. Mimi Berumen
    Mimi Berumen says:

    hello nail art queen 🙂 i have a question? do u use acrylic paints? n if u do, does brand matter? and how to u get it to stay without peeling off? hope to hear from u soon. your fan. mimi.
    p.s. can u do more short nailed tutorials for ppl that have shorter nails than others. thank u 🙂

  10. Martha Cooper
    Martha Cooper says:

    Ahhh, having "The Dr" in today has made my day!! Her laugh is infectious! With Juicy too, even better!!! I really needed the laugh! hugs to you all! btw ~ loved the nails as always!! xoxo

  11. Mrs. Nightmare
    Mrs. Nightmare says:

    Juuuuuuuussssaaaaaayyyy! These two clients would be a dream xD your a lucky lady Mizz Moses 🙂 love these nails hope your doing good and painting on larger canvases 😀

  12. A
    A says:

    THE DOCTOOORRRRRR! i want to hang out with you two so bad! lovely nails of course… i love autumn colours! robin, you are everybody's boo thang.

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