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Presenting Jon Renau Kendall wig review in color Palm Springs Blonde FS17/101S18. Plus Styling! XOXO

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21.25” Circumference
7” Front hairline to chin
4” chin to front collarbone
Height 5’2.5”

Music by

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Save 20% on your entire cart, including All Natural & Organic Self Tanning Lotion that's actually good for your skin! Simply use coupon code: VIXEN20 at checkout! Limited time only at: VOGENIX.COM

38 replies
  1. Kristin Ellis
    Kristin Ellis says:

    Wow Taz I’ve been thinking about buying Kendall and this helped so much to show how the color looks with this wave pattern, and the outside lighting and styling bits are wonderful! You look incredible in this combo (even for you, which is saying a lot!). I love Palm Springs Blonde – it makes me happy when I wear it in a way no other color has. I have 5 styles in it. I’ve noticed a bit of variance in the color only from straight styles like Kristen or Marion to wayy/curly (I have January and Julianne and they both skewed more platinum than the straights). I don’t see violet on the synthetics, but I do have an Elizabeth and she’s a bit darker with a hint of what I might call violet. I find the color overall more dull, maybe because it’s HD fibers. Thanks so much for all you do Taz – I haven’t been wearing wigs long and your videos have helped and inspired me to make this positive change in my life and outlook. Going forward into this emotional and expensive (!) journey with knowledge and guidance is a gift – thank you!

  2. Jennie Nguyen
    Jennie Nguyen says:

    Hi Taz I like the wave and length on Kendall. I prefer less hairs, looks good on you though. Is this out of the box or you already used dry shampoo on it? Thanks ahead of time😍

  3. Sherry P
    Sherry P says:

    That unit is totally you! I LOVE that wig and adore that color! That just shot to the top of my list. Thanks for another fabulous review!

  4. Nani Womack
    Nani Womack says:

    Love it. Studio one here I come. I have to watch this video once I receive my wig.
    By the way as so many have posted to donate. if I should every win I would love to donate.
    To your local cancer Society. ❤️

  5. Michelle Davidson
    Michelle Davidson says:

    Hi Taz, I have been watching your wig videos for about 5 months or so now (was diagnosed with breast cancer mets to the bone/spine last December and so I am now bald from chemo).  I wanted to tell you I bought the Ellen Willie Changes Touch wig in the color champagne rooted after watching the video you did and I LOVE this wig!!!  It has been my go-to, everyday wig for the last five weeks or so.  I want to order this wig (Kendall, after watching this review, and am wondering if you can tell me if the Palm Springs blonde in this video is close to or closely matches the champagne rooted color of the Touch wig (if you have any wigs in that color).  Thank you Taz and keep these reviews coming – I will be watching…and probably ordering. 🙂  Take care.  Michelle

  6. Patty Liort
    Patty Liort says:

    Wow! Taz this is such a beautiful wig and the color is so pretty! You look fabulous as always. My wish list is very long. My children keep asking what I want for Christmas. I always say nothing I surprised them and I gave them my list they were shocked. This with be a surprise to me because I always say nothing and end up with gift cards. Thank you Taz!

  7. chovava bateman
    chovava bateman says:

    An absolutely beautiful wig. I was wondering, on my screen it looks some what gray. Do yo get that reading or is it simply as you said very ashy? Nice review and this wig is on my list.

  8. Liz Lyons
    Liz Lyons says:

    I was waiting for this review with anticipation, Taz. I LOVE this wig. I have three Kendalls, the third being in Venice Blonde, which is also gorgeous. I am going to order it in PS blonde in August as it is out of stock right now (so popular!). I have Palm Springs Blonde in two other wigs (Kristen and Marion) and it is absolutely stunning. Not even a hint of violet — I don't understand what people think they see. It is a delicate, striking, glamorous ash color but absolutely platinum — not violet. To me, Kendall is the perfect wavy bob, just the way Kristi is the perfect straight bob. My only wish is that it were about an inch longer. For that, I trimmed my Heidi, as they are similar styles — I just made Heidi two inches shorter and removed the angled edge, making it even all around. The lace front on Kendall is flawless and the fibers are fine, as you point out, and are easily trained to frame the face. I will probably get more of them, LOL. Love the styling reminders. So glad you have this wig, Taz. xoxo

  9. MichelleM
    MichelleM says:

    Luv to look at your collection always..your a great seller and make the wigs so super high your description of them. Plus your presentation of them plus your beauty makes your videos so attractive and enjoyable to watch.xo❤👙🍉

  10. Miss Pethamhouse
    Miss Pethamhouse says:

    Thanks Taz….great review! Any chance you could please do a comparison review with RW's Simmer?? Please (please) do a color comparison with Shaded Biscuit and Palm Springs blonde 🙂

  11. Ilda Meacham
    Ilda Meacham says:

    Hi Taz…totally new to the world of wigs but you make them look beautiful and I WANT ONE TOO❗️
    One question though, there are some wigs are just a little too long but I love everything else about it. Can I cut the length and could u demonstrate how it would be done? Luv your videos🥰

  12. Prayer Warrior
    Prayer Warrior says:

    😘😘😘 Thank you for mentioning the "DELICATE, PLIABLE yet STURDY lace front. So HELPFUL. AND u also taught me that most brands don't usually extend the lace onto the temples with mono front AND lace… (Those three things I'm looking for, wish they were made like that 😑). (Made me feel like you said those things just for ME!) I spend lots of data rewinding ppls vids looking at that temple lace that most ppl cover up with their fingers or flip by so fast that when I pause there it's blurry. You always show where the lace meets the temples so well & pack so much in your well thought out yet compact videos.

  13. Jackie Marsh
    Jackie Marsh says:

    Love Love this one Taz!! Sooo Beautiful!! The way the waves lay is Gorgeous!! You look Stunning in her!! I have never seen a Wig Where You have never looked Gorgeous in Taz!! Love the color of this one for sure!! Thank You for a Perfect Review as Always my Friend!! Love!! XOXOXO!

  14. sdraper2011
    sdraper2011 says:

    Kendall is just a great summer wig. I love your styling ideas, especially the rose clip! So pretty and feminine, perfect for hanging out around a beach bonfire at the end of a long day on the shore.

  15. tabasco14
    tabasco14 says:

    I do not think any wig would look bad on you after watching all your videos. Your sweet face seems to adjust to the color or length you put on. I just ordered a Jon Renau "Jessica" in B2BF! I need the bangs for my fat round face! LOL Be well & stay safe, x0x Jonnie

  16. mine xxc
    mine xxc says:

    Good morning Such a beautiful color. I love this wig on you.. I was on a weight list for an Estetica wig in the New color Sunburst I believe that was the name. I was to inpatient to wait until September so I ordered it in another color. However, I believe this new color Kendal looks like the Sun color on back order. Thank you for the beautiful review. This is going to be my new wig. Have a beautiful blessed day Taz. .💖🥀🌹

  17. Barbra Mighall
    Barbra Mighall says:

    Gosh, you are so gorgeous! This (and every other wig that you wear) looks amazing on you. It makes you look so young. I can't believe that this hair is so light weight. Perfect on you and wonderful for summer.

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