Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin moisturizer
💜Sunscreens I love
Mentholatum Skin Aqua UV
La Roche Posay Anithelios XL
Bioderma Photoderm Max
Neutrogena Pure and Free
Murad City Skin Age Defense SPF50
Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 50
MyChelle Dermaceuticals Sun Shield Liquid
Soon Jung Mild Sun Cream SPF49 PA++
Isehan Mommy UV Aqua Milk
Vanicream SPF 30
Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily fragrance free
Cerave AM
EltaMD UV clear
Elta MD UV pure
Elta MD UV Physical (tinted)
Altruist SPF 30 (Amazon US link)
Altruist SPF (Amazon UK link)
Nature’s Gate Aqua
Nature’s Gate Kids
Colorescience SPF

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. Rebecca Hare
    Rebecca Hare says:

    One of your best videos! I’ve been in love with a “healthy” tan since I started swimming competitively at age 8, then as a lifeguard, then living in CA, escalating to tanning beds (your explanation of the opioid effect explains a lot!) in my early 40s. Friends nagged me about the beds, so I quickly quit them. But, I then became a self tanning addict. That was better for my skin, but the psychological issue remained. Finally, I moved to the East coast where sun wasn’t as prominent and went back to being a “white” girl again. The color of my skin and it’s mine! 😊 It’s soooooo much better; less time, money and hassle and I’m (mostly) cured of the emotional need to look “good” with a tan. Great video. Thank you!

  2. Priscilla Cortinas
    Priscilla Cortinas says:

    Hi my daughter has vitilago… and wanted to know what sunscreen you can recommend that doesn't have a white cast… She is using the Neutrogena Sensitive skin sunscreen broad spectrum spf 60+ (ingredients are Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide)

  3. Victoria Moore
    Victoria Moore says:

    Dear friends, does anyone have a recommendation on a self tanner for sensitive skin, please? I have tried the jergins and the aveeno; after one application my sensitive skin began feeling tight and tender. I discontinued use immediately and ended up returning the product. would very much like to self tan and am open to trying any recommended products, either drugstore or high end.

  4. UncleAndy46511
    UncleAndy46511 says:

    I'm not sure if I learned much from this. like what are good brands of sunless tanner and I know there are creams, sprays and even mouse's. What do you reccomend? What about eye sensitivity? How long should you wait to put on clothes? Will clothes effect the result? As you can see I still have a lot of questions I was hoping would be answered.

  5. Visan Timeea
    Visan Timeea says:

    Very interesting information, i really liked the explanation about how it works but you forgot to address the topic of vitamin D. Don’t we pale people have vitamin D deficiency? I read recently that 80% of the population living in colder climates have vitamin D deficiency. Would love a video about it. Kind regards! 😊

  6. Armywifelife 365
    Armywifelife 365 says:

    I have hyperpigmentation on the insides each of my arms. It's so wierd and I didnt understand, when I was younger and didnt care to put in sun screen because I was chasing that glow🙄 the line would get very prominent and noticeable. Now, that I am older I truly believe that the self tanning cream has helped smooth out the area and it's barely noticable now that I wear sunscreen and try not to sunbathers during the summer.

  7. Samanta Rizzi
    Samanta Rizzi says:

    The only problem I have with these lotions is that they make me break out on places where I don’t usually break out – on my décolleté I get mini white heads and on my back sometimes I get a small pimple or two. That really bothers me. But because I’m so pale I like to use this kind of lotion in the summer. Probably not the best option for hydration but makes a ton of difference on my self esteem that’s for sure! (It’s also a bit sad that we don’t accept ourselves for what we are, we keep thinking we have flaws whether it’s because we don’t accept our body, face, skin type and skin shade…. we should all be more accepting of ourselves and other people’s flaws in order to make sure other people will accept our flaws too, which will help improve our self esteem) 🙂

  8. Potato Sloth
    Potato Sloth says:

    I just found your videos and I’m am thrilled and excited to watch all of them!!
    Talking about tanning beds, I wonder if you have a video on red light therapy for wrinkles.

  9. Alana L
    Alana L says:

    I recently heard of that sunless Tanners cause your skin to release a lot more free radicals when exposed to the sun then it would release if exposed to the sun without a sunless Tanner on. Do you know anything about that? I am trying to stop laying out in the sun, which I have done so joyfully my entire life! I thought I could start a sunless Tanner routine, but don’t want to if I am harming my skin even more.

  10. Jessica Mitchell
    Jessica Mitchell says:

    Have you heard of eurobeds? Otherwise tanning beds that filter UV rays & only use the UVA1 Ray? Med spas claim these bed do not burn you & that they won’t cause wrinkles & damaged skin. All tanning beds are bad, but how much better do you truly think these beds are than traditional tanning beds? Are their claims entirely false?

  11. Instagram CLIPS
    Instagram CLIPS says:

    When I was a teenager i worked in a tanning bed salon, and the owner teached us (the employees) to say to the clients that tanning in tanning beds was less dangerous than tanning outside because it's a controled environement (uv, time, etc)… Now i'm only 32 years old and I have the wrinkled clevage of a 50 years old woman so I can definately say it was a pile of crap!!

  12. Goodwill Bunny
    Goodwill Bunny says:

    Thank you for this video. Love your very peaceful, relaxed bedroom setting. Great backdrop. No distractions…so we can focus on the message…Grandma Bunny in Phoenix.

  13. Stacey Mcalister
    Stacey Mcalister says:

    There was a very well publicised case here in Australia about 12 years ago of Claire Oliver, a young woman in her mid 20s who died from melanoma after frequent use of solariums. Due to her brave speaking out prior to her death, the industry here was basically ended, thank god – they are now banned in most states. But horrible this poor girl had to die in order for this legislation to be enacted.

  14. Statia Manger
    Statia Manger says:

    Please listen to Dr. Dray. I was completely tanorexic in my 20’s. I am COMPLETELY fortunate to not have had majorly noticeable effects (I.e. thankfully I don’t look older than I am, no melanomas to speak of, and I take care of my skin now). It is THE ONE INSTANCE, where if I had a time machine, the first thing I’d do is show up to my past self, while tanning, and drag her naked butt out of there and square on punch 22 year-old me in the face. And hard. I was not smart at all.

  15. Aimee Lerman
    Aimee Lerman says:

    I tanned for years in my 20’s so much. Like even 2 times a day. Is there anything that I can do to erase that damage? Exfoliate? I wish I knew what I knew now.

  16. Sue Cone
    Sue Cone says:

    This was great information! I do use a sunscreen everyday! I do have those ugly spider veins on my legs along with dark spots so to get things blended I do use a self tanning lotion. I do a water class that I wear a swimsuit for and I am older so I am “blending “ my skin problems. Thanks so much for this information!! Thanks 🙏

  17. Chainsaw Kitten
    Chainsaw Kitten says:

    As a former tanner, even when I was doing it, I knew it was bad…but damn, nothing looked as good as “sun kissed” skin. I loved how it made me look. I did so much tanning that now if I get any sun, I get white spots, I suppose they are areas where I have totally destroyed the melanin in my skin. What really bothered me, is that even once the beauty industry started admitting how bad it was, models in magazines and Victoria’s Secret and such were STILL always tan. It’s a mixed message. My sister in law is “proud” of her suntanned children, because it means, I suppose, that they are well off enough to spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer. What scares me is that my ten year old niece has two large dark patches on one of her cheeks, that show up after the summer when her tan is fading. It took me decades of sun abuse to get those dark spots. What is going on that a kid is getting them so young?

    I used sunless tanners. It’s not the same. I can spot a sunless tanner tan from 10 miles away. The stuff turns your clothes orange. I think I’d rather just appreciate my pale skin. And I don’t think people’s attitudes about real sun tanning are going to change until the beauty industry stops promoting tan skin by using tanned models.

  18. M Brittain
    M Brittain says:

    Thank you for the information. How would a sunless tanner affect melasma? Would it help to camouflage it or just make it darker as well?

  19. Marisol Pearls
    Marisol Pearls says:

    This is so timely! I just started using a sunless tanner to even out my skin. My legs are obviously lighter than my arms and wanting to wear shorts this summer, sunless tanner is my solution. That or waterproof makeup…. 😕 Glad to come across this informative video! Thank you!! 😊👍

  20. Sona Bran
    Sona Bran says:

    I used the self tan on my face. I also use RetinA but not at the same time. My face ended up looking like a severe sun burn. I thought I had developed cellulitis and went to the dr. After all was discussed she too thought it was the combination. Could you comment on this at all. After just 2 days of a cortisone cream it was gone.

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