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Got to ask Kim Kardashian one of the things I’ve always been curious about…

More info + pictures from the event:


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Thank you to Dawn Del Russo of for telling me she filmed this and letting me use it! xoxo .

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

23 replies
  1. Priya Rajappan
    Priya Rajappan says:

    Its a materialistic world my dear.. What I really want to say is.. when life knocks you over, you have 2 choices. either you can mourn over it through out your life, or you can get over it and do something productive like she's doing. Even after having a setback like having a viral porn around, which is a major one for a reputed girl, she took it as an opportunity and made gold out of it. And thats what I appreciate about her. Her strength to get back to life when everything goes wrong.

  2. Melanie NS
    Melanie NS says:

    it was not meant to be for everyone you fucking idiot. it was leaked she didnt know it was going to be posted for everyone to see. since it was already out everywhere and there was no way she could take it back she thought she might as well get money for it.

  3. Ayumi649
    Ayumi649 says:

    WHY is everyone that doesn't like Kim being called a hater? It's called having an opinion. I personally have nothing against Kim, but if someone else did, I would not immediately lash out and call them a hater. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and Kim's fans need to respect that.

  4. Soph Hoyle
    Soph Hoyle says:

    Shes officially voted one of the most beautiful woman in the world who cares if you haters dont like her,obviously loads of people do,personally I think she's stunning.

  5. Leti R
    Leti R says:

    @LvnMylove you're really going through every kardashian video "waking" people up?? ok then i guess us women will be more like you…lifeless, stupid haters…start a move here on youtube on all ur reason why women shouldn't be like the kardashians and see how many followers u get cuz this whole video to video thing isn't working for you…im done stop wasting my life…the kardashians are on 😀 you probably already know since u love to watch them sooo much!

  6. TAG010
    TAG010 says:

    @pennylane90 She answered it indirectly.while she was saying yes she's seen some makeup tutorials, she hasn't watched the ones centered around herself.or at least didn't admit to that. But she was trying to give praise to those who watch/do makeup tutorials by saying her little sister did and she thought it was really cool. Yes she has beauty, but I would def make the argument that shes smart and knows how to give politically correct answers that make her seem nice and approachable

  7. Leti R
    Leti R says:

    @ilovebubu28 and yet…ur still here watching this video like the rest of us…u saw "kardashian" and u clicked it to watch so just do urself a favor and shut the hell up…she's beautiful, rich and famous and well ur some weirdo who loves bubu.

  8. sayanN7
    sayanN7 says:

    i wanna know kendall,kylie's,&k3 kardashian sisters' beauty & hair daily regime.what do they do to keep their skin &hair sHINY.WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TELL ME PLZZZZZZZZZ

  9. Destinysgirl
    Destinysgirl says:

    A lot of people are insulting the Kardashians. I just hope (for the sake of not being "fake") those spewing insults don't watch Jersey Shore. If you do, just don't talk.

  10. Dilara T.
    Dilara T. says:

    Wooowww she makes a lot of money so what!!!!! Money is not the most important thing in life! She has no self respect (i blame her mother as well) and she became famous because of her sex tape. Well guess what some people dont want that! Im happy with my life even though im not rich. I have everything I need

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