Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

You will never look at color blocking the same way once you see this innovative design from Kiara Sky Professional Nails. Color blocking with dip powder is so much faster and fun! No timely cutting of the acrylic and mastering a sharp edge with a brush. Simply dip and go! This design by Our Special Guest Nail Tech @Asian_nail_lady is super easy to achieve and looks like a pro spent hours on your mani!






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Voted #1product to try by INSIDERbeauty! Go check it out 😉



Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

31 replies
  1. Shannon M
    Shannon M says:

    I’ve read all the comments here and trying to truly understand how not to get a dusting of color on another color when doing this design. Let’s say like the video, I Dip in the gold but when I dip in the black next, a dusting of black gets adhered into the gold. So should you just use really thin coats of resin to avoid this or were you saying you can dip in gold then dip into clear, then dip black then into clear??

  2. Amy
    Amy says:

    Its pretty, but the lines are not even nor perfect when this is an official Kiara Sky demo, I have the system and many many of their powders and polishes around 50 of each and near 30 years doing nails and contamination happens no matter what you do, unless you separate what is needed and used…. and then you have so much wasted product I am sure this Product demo can afford the product lose……… However, most of us can not and won't. and yes it ends up a thick nail extremely fast… sadly I spend lots of money getting so much of the products and simply have found other dipping systems much better since then, thinner app and stronger results……… Polish is also hit and miss amazing colors but a lot of them streak. I have also been to the distributor in-house demos from the Kiara Girls from the USA and they did not help either. Nice girls, talented but they spent most of the there time speaking another language to the other girls. Really Disappointed. Wasted upwards of a $1000 trying to stock my salon to open a new salon. Watch video after video ALSO trying to seek advice, however, Kiara Sky dont answer the posts on they videos often either……. (nowhere to go to GET training either ) Just………. It looks great, its is easy to use for straightforward ( even if the full kit purchased did not come with instruction card at all for me, had to work it out and come to youtube, thank god for Suzie who had instructions with her gift pack from Kiara…) nails such as overlays or and home nails…… but…. much to improve yet Kiara Sky. I will Say the colors are really beautiful, the glitters are stunning, and it's a nice enough quality for home use. The Kit is very complete ( with instructions of course ) at a very fair price. Just not a salon Pro enough for a salon in my experainces. No suport maybe its just here is Australia. Pretty Typical for us with companies sadly. ( I would ot have left this here is I had been able to get help ealse where. Anyways Hope this helps anyone out there thinking of this for they salon

  3. Mariann Kovats
    Mariann Kovats says:

    It is beautiful. But i have the same question as Hanna Campbell. When I try to do two colors, the darker color will dust over a little the lighter and changes the color a little. And I have hard time with the straight line as well. I am not a pro, but I love to do my own nails and learn it. So I am looking forward your answer, of if you have a tutorial on that, please sen the link. Thanks

  4. Hannah Campbell
    Hannah Campbell says:

    I always find the colours contaminate each other on the nail and in the pot! Tried to to a candy cane effect last night and my red turned the white part of the design pink! What am I doing wrong?? X

  5. Ara emta
    Ara emta says:

    hi you did a wonderful job I have a question I did some samples with the Chevron on the same gold that you used with silver and maroon but I don't know why the maroon went into the other colors can you explain me what I did wrong by the way thank you so much

  6. colleen donegan
    colleen donegan says:

    I can never get my lines as crisp as that no matter how many times i've tried. I have had a lot of my customers with short nails ask for this design but its very difficult to achieve it on them. Can you please please post a video showing how to achieve this on short nails

  7. Violet Maggs
    Violet Maggs says:

    Omg 😲 I love love love it sweetie so beautiful thank you sweetie for sharing I love too tryout the dip powder system and amazing glitter ✨ love your amazing glitter collection of colour how can I get hold of them sweetie I'm in the uk 🇬🇧 please let me know thank you sweetie for sharing your amazing videos love them all it amazing how easy you make it look 👀 love too try out this dip powder nails system please let us know ware is the best for us in the uk

  8. Sara Strange
    Sara Strange says:

    I prefer sprinkling the clear powder over the entire design at the end.. especially if your working with glitter, you can easily contaminate your clear powder with glitter and it's a pain the ass when you do a nude nail, go to cap it in clear and oops sorry lady you get a glitter on there 😣

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