Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

I am a self tan pro! Check out my picks for faking a sun-kissed glow!

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Mystic Tan

Coola self tan serum for face

Coola Self tan dry oil spray

Soap and Glory Sun kissed Righteous Butter lotion

Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun

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Givenchy Bronze Matte Spray

Hard Candy Sheer Glow 24k gold lotion

On my face
Lips- Urban Decay Lipstick Bang

Chanel Le Teint Ultra

Urban Decay Shape Shifter Palette

Bourjois Loose Powder

Gabriel Shadow Primer /shop/gabriel-eye-primer/

PUR Cosmetics Disappearing Ink Concealer

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster
(really pretty)
Maybelline The City Mini Palette

Stila Liquid Metals Glitter Smoky Storm
Stellar Powder Haze-

Milani Strobelight Day Glow

Here’s my info:
Snapchat- frugieblog
How old am I? – 44
What kind of skin do I have? – Dry and very sensitive
What is my typical shade range?- MAC N20
Is blond my natural hair color?- Yes
Am I a mom?- Yes, I have a daughter and a son.

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Hi I’m Frugie, or Rebecca when I’m not on the Internet. I’m a makeup addict who loves to bring you the latest and greatest finds out there in all price categories. I’m over 40 so I hope to navigate the beauty world using a ‘mature lense’. But who am I kidding? I’m ridiculous and silly most of the time! It’s makeup people. Let’s not take it too seriously! Hope you enjoy my humor and my ‘keeping it real’ attitude. I started this channel as an extension of my humor blog I write at sometimes-
Thanks for joining me in all this crazy fun!


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

24 replies
  1. Susan Cole
    Susan Cole says:

    Hi Rebecca, like you I'm pale, have a few freckles but, have noticeable sun spots on my legs (from too much unprotected sun exposure, not taking my mom's advice as an older teen and young woman, and burning myself to a crisp!). Is there anything I can do to keep the sunspots from turning darker when I apply a self tanner? It's so embarrassing to be under fluorescent lighting, especially in the doctor's office. It looks like I have the plague and I always use a fair to medium product. Any advice? Thank you, Susan (love your channel and especially your humor ❤️😂!) Oh, almost forgot according to MsGoldgirl you put self tanner on your pits!

  2. darbi rhian
    darbi rhian says:

    I too always notice people with any shade when they have naturally great skin; it's definitely genetic! I love pale skin! I'm a neutral fair complexion, but not pale. I always get a base tan on hands and face every year but would love to grab self tan to just warm my legs and other areas since I keep pretty concealed from the sun.

  3. Kristin Sease
    Kristin Sease says:

    @frugalistablog does the righteous butter bronzer have a strong floral scent? The moisturizer is pretty heavily scented but that color looked amazing on you!!!

  4. Beth Brown
    Beth Brown says:

    I have tried so many ones this year and every single one from St Tropez to Jergens and many in between and they have ALL made every sun spot ,every age spot and every blemish I have on my legs and arms so I give up and will just stay white! LOL

  5. Matnkat5
    Matnkat5 says:

    OMG! Lol, I did the QT as well, and I didn't realize it was a self tanner, I thought it was just a suntan lotion, and I wasn't very good about getting it even, and it was horrible, I think I was in 8th grade. Then I started with the Estée Lauder self tanner in the early 90's, and I've been doing it since. I love Bondi Sands, spray, mousse, all of them are great.

  6. heidi foss
    heidi foss says:

    Watching this as I am sitting here letting my self tanner dry! I do use self tanner on my arm pits. If I have to tan during the day I use baby powder on my sweaty parts and that way I don't streak my tan.

  7. Noël Johnson
    Noël Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I am porcelain (I have Celtic skin, I can't help it) but I'm in a wedding next month, so I am looking for something to make me less glow in the dark!

  8. Jane Burke
    Jane Burke says:

    Hi Rebecca well lol feet & between the fingers are my tell tale signs, plus the lines on my chest 😬I'm like trying different ways so I applied with a brush but still as bad 🤣anyway the struggle is real. You'd think they would have it perfected it by now, I mean we will be travelling into outer space with a dodgy tan ☄️☄️☄️💥

  9. leslie
    leslie says:

    try LA Tan at Walmart….similar to St. Tropez but better. Dries very fast and feels like nothing. Get the medium not medium dark $10

  10. mary merriman
    mary merriman says:

    I just recently got the banana boat self tanner but haven't used it yet. Have you tried that one yet? It says no clothes until it dries but no time on it lol. This will be my first time trying something like this out any pointers?? Love your videos 😃

  11. Shannon K
    Shannon K says:

    Bare Escentuals Faux Tan is the best! It gives a beautiful bronze color and lasts a long time. I've received many compliments and surprise when people find out my tan is from a bottle. It comes out bronze so you can see where you've applied. I use my hands to apply it then wash my hands with a mixture of soap and baking soda. I wash twice and have no traces on my hands afterwards.

  12. Sherry G
    Sherry G says:

    The self tan looks nice on you. Thanks for the heads up on fragrance. Unfortunately, they all have problematic ingredients for me, although I might get away with it on my legs. I might try one, although my laziness gets in the way of self tanning lol.

  13. Leta Robinson
    Leta Robinson says:

    I should get into self tanner but I never think about it until I wear shorts, and tank tops, and then I feel like a Siamese cat. Lol! I wonder if someone has made a spray wand, you know like the shape light wands they use for air traffic? I think that would be practical for the hard to reach areas, quick, and less messy.

  14. Tracy Lea Beauty
    Tracy Lea Beauty says:

    Hi Rebecca! You crack me up! I know when I'm going to watch your video, it will make me laugh! When you were trying to show your leg, I was laughing and hoping you weren't going to fall off your stool!!! I might try the Sally Hansen one, it looked pretty dark. My skin isn't pale so it might work well. Take Care, Tracy 🌺🌺🌺

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